Best Steaks in Eureka Springs

best restaurants eureka springsEureka Springs is known for doing things a little differently and Eureka Springs restaurants are no different. Dining out in Eureka Springs is an experience. Here are some of the locals’ favorite steakhouses:


1886 Steakhouse eureka springs steakhouses

Run by Executive Chef Lee Brooks, the 1886 Steakhouse serves 24oz-6oz prime and properly aged cuts. Try the Tomahawk Cut! The Sommelier on staff will suggest the a perfectly paired wine from their amazing wine cellar. (See the top 5 places to find a great glass of wine!) Download Coupon

The Grand Taverne

Chef Dave Gilderson creates a masterpiece of Kobe style beef served rare with sauteed exotic mushrooms.

Rogue’s Manor

Charbroiled Steak & Lobster is served with flowerpot bread. The surf and turf is Rogue’s eureka springs scotchspecialty. Be sure to look through their Scotch selection. It is the largest anywhere.

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