Bachelorette Bash, Basin Style

No matter the occasion, be it a birthday, reunion, anniversary, or bachelorette bash, Eureka Springs has the perfect mix of party, relaxation, dining and drinks to delight all.

A few weeks ago my friend got married. Before she did though, a bachelorette bash was in order. Eureka Springs has delivered for all my other weekend getaway needs before and they delivered once again. The itinerary included:

  • Check in at Basin Park Hotel 3:00PM
  • Local Flavor 6:00PM
  • Brews 9:00PM
  • Breakfast 8:00AM
  • Spa 1905 9:00AM
    • Hand & Foot Treatment
    • Rejuvenating Body Scrub
    • Traditional Massage
  • Chill on the Spa Deck 10:15AM


We pulled up into the loading zone by The 1905 Basin Park Hotel to check-in and receive our keys and parking pass before heading to the Basin parking lot. We were thrilled to find we also received a breakfast voucher for two for breakfast on Saturday. We enjoyed checking out the shops along Main street as we headed back to the hotel…a free shuttle is available, we just preferred to stretch our legs.

Back at the hotel, we took the elevator to the fifth floor where a crisp cool room awaited us. The view was amazing! Overlooking the Basin Spring Park and the downtown area we could see the flurry of activity. After cooling off and discussing a long list of potential dining options we landed on Local Flavor. After makeup touch ups and outfit changes we headed back into the July heat and walked 10 minutes up Main Street to our destination.

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Following a delicious spinach artichoke dip appetizer, salad and eggplant parmesan, next stop on our agenda…drinks. We were looking for somewhere cozy with a laid back vibe. While there are many great options, we landed on Brews. One of the many perks of a small town is that everything is within walking distance. So after snapping a few pictures at Local Flavor to commemorate the evening, we were off, walking back up Main Street to Brews. As we entered, we were swept into the fold of lively individuals enjoying the community. We made our way to the bar and ordered drinks before snagging the last table available near the stage.  We proceeded to enjoy live music, friendly conversation and people watching as colorful locals dropped by to mix, mingle and dance.  

Every bride needs her beauty sleep though, so we were back to the hotel before midnight in order to unwind before our morning spa adventure.

Saturday morning we were up early for a delicious breakfast buffet featuring coffee, fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy, eggs, pastries, a made-to-order omelet station and more. Once our plates were loaded, we went across the hall to the Balcony Bar and Restaurant to dine…talk about a great view!

After breakfast, it was up to the Spa 1905. We were directed to the serene waiting room where we completed our preference forms for our services and waited for our therapists. I was walked down the long hallway to a room awash in soothing shades of green. With the scent of various essential oils filling the air, I slipped into bed and awaited my first ever spa experience…Hand & Foot Treatment.

She slipped an eye mask scented with lavender over my eyes and with a soothing voice and firm hands she began. She worked on my hands first one by one tucking them back in to stay warm after she was finished. Then she moved on to my legs, lathering them with cool lotion and gently reminding me to relax anytime I would tense up.

Once I was done, she offered me a glass of water and it was off to the spa deck to enjoy some sun while waiting for my friends to finish up. We meandered through the Spa 1905 gift shop and tried out samples of the various Aveda products while chatting with equally enchanted guests that had just come out of their appointments.

While my friends and I all received different services, the general consensus was “Wow, that was amazing! They seriously know what they are doing.”  My friend who received the Traditional Massage went so far as to say, “He listened to my body and used the perfect strength…so relaxing.” The bride-to-be opted for the Rejuvenating Body Scrub and loved how the body scrub felt. She said it was a fresh, clean scent and went on cool and washed easily off in the shower. We all had to take a turn feeling her arm to see how soft the scrub left her skin.

After our luxurious spa experience, we hit the road for it was back to wedding reality with rehearsal next on our agenda.

Spa 1905 thank you for introducing me to spa services and Eureka Springs, thank you for another wonderful weekend for the books!

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