Basin Park Hotel Activity Pass

Welcome to the 1905 Basin Park Hotel.

Arkansas, known as the Natural State and Eureka Springs in particular is fortunate to be surrounded by the great outdoors.  In this time of great caution, here is a list of things to do that are in the area and that have been placed online at

  • Hiking around Eureka Springs
  • Scenic Drives and National Park Sites
  • Self-Guided Exploring (Caves & Civil War Sites)
  • Waterfall Chasing
  • Self-Guided Walking tour of the Crescent Hotel
  • Exploring Eureka Springs Historical Structures

Visit for detailed information on each adventure. Please know, the Activity Fee has been removed however services such as WiFi, Free Parking and your digital newspaper remain included with your stay.  Furthermore, a FREE continental breakfast is being delivered to you daily between 9 AM and 10AM.

Enjoy your time here in Natural Eureka Springs.  Although in-person activities have been suspended, I remain available by email and would be happy to share my experience as you create your adventure!

Happy Exploring!

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Eureka Springs Photos

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Picnic”ing” in Eureka Springs

When life gives you lemons..

Eureka Springs makes lemonade.

Like everywhere, indoor dining is restricted.

In Eureka Springs, we have a great idea.  

Lets picnic

Enjoy the spring colors

Order ToGo from our great restaurants

Find a beautiful open air spaces.


Step 1: order ToGo

    click here  For a list of restaurants participating

Step two: Pick a picnic place – Here are a few ideas

Crescent Spring

Lovers Leap – Spring & Howell

Copper Bar – Basin Park Hotel – open seating

Sweet Spring  – Spring and Pine

Your Eureka Springs will be back soon, but in the meantime have a glass of lemonade.

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Travel Restriction

Arkansas Department of Helath is now recommending Self Home Quarantine for 14 days for all travelers from New York State and all International locations.  Eureka Springs Lodging can not accommodate any travelers from these locations until further notice.

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Live Music Update

During the Covid19 Crisis

Restaurants and Bars are temporarily suspended.  Therefore no live music is available

We all hope to soon return the the AWESOME live music destination that Eureka Springs has become known.

In the meantime – Keep Jamming at home.

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Open-Air Activities In and Around Eureka Springs

Arkansas, known as the Natural State and Eureka Springs in particular is fortunate to be surrounded by the great outdoors.  In this time of great caution, here is a list of things to do that are in the area

  • Hiking around Eureka Springs
  • Scenic Drives and National Park Sites
  • Self-Guided Exploring (Caves & Civil War Sites)
  • Downtown Springs and In-town Trails
  • Waterfall Chasing
  • Exploring Eureka Springs Historical Structures

Enjoy your time here in Natural Eureka Springs, please exercise Physical Spacing and breathe the fresh air.

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Hikes & Hard to Find Sites


If you want to enjoy nature and history but not be brutalized by it then Eureka Springs is the town for you! With so many interwoven trails, unique historical sites and enchanting springs, you’re sure to find this one of a kind town the perfect destination for your spring travel!

Little Lake Eureka

Tucked away at the end of Douglas and Steele Streets, just up the hill from Downtown Eureka Springs, is one of Eureka’s true hidden gems! This little covert treasure started out as Eureka Springs first water supply and at one point it was fixed up as the main swimming hole for the town. One more little known fact is that it is located up the hallow from the now non-existent Water Street, which was the original main entrance to  Downtown!

Located just around the corner from the lake on Steele St. is another commonly overlooked piece of history, The Carrie Nation House (Hatchet Hall). It’s the one time boarding house and home to this iconic prohibitionist.  Hatchet Hall was also at one time a museum but is now just a landmark. You will also find right across the street is the beautiful Carrie Nation Spring, created by Miss. Nation herself with a stick of dynamite!

With historic sites, beautiful unique homes and quaint cottages, a trip up and around this scenic hallow is sure to not disappoint. It’s also located conveniently just above Downtown Eureka Springs.

Harmon Park Trail

With the entrance to this scenic trail located right outside the front door of The 1886 Crescent Hotel, you’re literally just minutes away from exploring the natural beauty of Eureka Springs! Just start at the trail-head and walk down the hill through the woods and down to Spring Street.

Located on the right on Spring Street is Grotto Springs, this unique spring provokes a sense of magic and peace. Esto Perpetua (translates: let it be eternal) is carved above the entrance to The Grotto Springs and visitors report that a candle is always found burning inside.

Magic, history and tranquility right on beautiful iconic Spring Street! Check out some more of the great trails and sites that make up The Harmon Park Loop!

Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic Church 

Located conveniently just a few steps down from The 1886 Crescent Hotel’s backdoor is the historic St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church. Built in the early 1900’s, this church is a serene site filled with stunning architecture, statues created from white Italian Carrara marble, carefully manicured gardens and beautiful vaulted cathedral. Also located on site is a small gift shop filled with one of a kind gifts.

Listed on the National Historic Registry, St. Elizabeth’s Church is a must see in Eureka Springs!

Hardin Spring- Sweet Spring Trail

Harding Spring is located at the corner of Howell Street and Spring Street. These historic springs where believed by some to have healing properties. Named after Emmett Harding who earned his keep in the late 19th century by taking photographs of visitors and locals in front of the spring. To this day it is still a popular site for folks to indulge their inner shutterbugs!

Harding Spring and Sweet Spring are connected by a trail along the bluff line above.

Black Bass Lake

A peaceful and welcoming park just minutes from downtown that seems like it’s  a whole different world from the hustle and bustle of the world. Black Bass Lake is perfect for leisurely hiking, biking, fishing or even a picnic while enjoying the natural flora and fauna of the area. Picture yourself enjoying butterflies, dragonflies and a blissful clear blue-green lake surrounded by stunning bluffs!

This park is sure to put you back in touch with nature without exhausting your spirit to explore it!

Magnetic Springs

Located just a short drive up Magnetic off North Main St., Magnetic Springs is a popular spot for visitors and locals alike. With reported healing magnetic properties the clear blue-green water of this spring is sure to bring tranquility.  Also located on site is a drinking fountain and a spacious covered picnic area.

Take pictures, enjoy a relaxing lunch or just explore the trails above, it’s all here in one easy to get to location!


Eureka Springs offers everything to nourish your inner nature and history buff. So when a relaxing stroll through the woods and through time is what you crave, we’ve got your adventure at your pace!

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Lets think about Summer Vacations

You have young kids and summer is approaching, which means planning a vacation is on your radar.  How do provide a satisfying and entertaining experience that the whole family will enjoy? The solution is simple, it’s all here in one of a kind Eureka Springs, Arkansas! We are your Ozark Mountain vacation destination getaway! Customize your very own entertainment agenda! 

Nestled in the heart of the scenic Arkansas Ozarks, the drive to reach this town is a vacation in it’s own right. With rolling hills, twists, rivers and streams all along the way, the kids will easily stay distracted with the scenic wonders.

You know their inquisitive little minds work a million miles a minute and between the natural springs (over a dozen around town), the hidden walkways, and brightly colored houses they will not need much convincing that the town in magical.

Check out these great lodging deals:

Crescent Hotel Extraordinary Escape

Best of the Basin Park Hotel


Things to Do & Places to Visit:

  • Two Dumb Dames this fudge factory was started by a mother and daughter candy-making duo and has been passed down through the generations. They make all their own candies with family recipes in small batches to ensure they serve their customers only the freshest.
  • Check out the store East By West at 9 Center Street. They adopt and rescue rabbits and train them to work at the store. After you make a purchase, these bunnies hand out receipts, cards, pens and packages. When they are not working, they are visiting with customers on the floor. Your kids will love them and you will be equally charmed.
  • Of course, a vacation calls for at least one or more proper photo shoots. While Eureka has copious photo-ops, one of the most eye-catching backdrops is the Rainbow Staircase. This iconic staircase connects North Main Street to Center Street. You may have even seen it on Pinterest—it is a popular pin and best of all free! 
  • Maybe your kids are getting tired of walking or you would like to see more of the town without weaving through the streets yourself. A Tram Tour or a Trolley ride might be just the thing. With a trolley pass, you have the option of purchasing an all-day pass, which allows you to hop on the various routes that take you not only around town but also along the city limits. The open-air tram tour will give your time to view the historic district of Eureka with tour guides that are either natives or longtime residents (AKA they know everything). If the Tram or Trolly are not your thing then check out the Shuttle Bug service. It’s a new downtown transport service that is uniquely Eureka Springs! 
  • Just a short drive from Eureka is the Cosmic Cavern. This cave stays 64 degrees year-round and features two bottomless cave lakes. The cave tour lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes and is full of amazing formations— some are even transparent! After the tour let your kids pan for gems or dig for fossils.
  • Another attraction a short drive from Eureka is Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Turpentine rescues animals throughout the U.S. and has a reputation for compassionate care. This facility is one of biggest that is open to the public. The majestic lions, tigers, bears and more will mesmerize your whole family.
  • Located high above Downtown Eureka Springs is the new network of hiking and cycling trails weaving throughout The Great Passion Play grounds. Renowned mountain bike and recreational trail builder Tony Boone and his crew completed building the first 5-mile loop of what is planned to be over 18 miles of trails on the almost 700-acre complex of the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

With all these things to do and places to visit you and your kids will love nothing more than a nice dip in the pool at the end of the day. Check out the Crescent hotel to find great deals. You will not even have to leave for dinner. The Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza sits at the top of the Crescent with a panoramic view of the Ozarks and is open late.

Bonus: Eureka Springs is dog-friendly! Many stores keep water dishes supplied during the summer months and several hotels welcome your furry friends including both the Crescent and the 1905 Basin Park Hotel.

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Summer Things To Do

Are you home Dreaming of Happier Times?

Here are some FUN summer recommendations for your family for when we can start traveling again

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Eureka Springs Outdoors in Spring

eureka springs outdoors

Pines stand tall and frame a walking path on East Mountain in Eureka Springs. Photo by local artist Edward C. Robison III.

Many of the great hikes in Arkansas  are blanketed by trees and accompanied by the rushing sound of flowing mountain streams. Eureka Springs is nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains where ribbons of free flowing streams weave through lush green woodlands. Here are some of the best trails in Eureka Springs:

Eureka Springs is crowned with brilliant blue gems; clear lakes and dozens of natural springs give the mountain town its name. Don’t pass up the many pocket parks surrounding the most popular natural springs in Eureka Springs:


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