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Make a Difference – Make Lasting Memories in Eureka Springs.

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Travel builds relationships and sparks positive growth in youth. For adults, the idea of traveling with a bus load of kids can be scary but a trip to Eureka Springs makes it easy. Eureka Springs has been a destination for church and youth group travel for decades. After all, Eureka Springs is home to America’s largest outdoor drama, The Great Passion Play. Experienced Eureka Springs Group Sales professionals are known for working closely with trip planners to create positive, fun and rewarding itineraries.

The most popular trends in youth travel today:

  • Outdoor Adventure Tours –  plan an adventure and explore Eureka Springs outdoors. Lake Leatherwood City Park
    Beaver Lake
    Kings River Float Trips
    Onyx & Cosmic Caverns
  • Volunteer Youth Missions – community service projects coordinated through a professional Eureka Springs Sales Manager facilitates youth groups to participate in 3, 5 and 7 day volunteer service projects within the Eureka Springs community. Partnering with the Community Development Partnership, the program has painted over 13 houses for the elderly or disadvantaged as well as restored springs, built trails and cleaned up parks.
  • Amusement Parks – Eureka Springs is an amusement park. Youth groups love to explore Eureka Springs, its history, hidden staircases and unique city features. This exploreation comes with lively entertainment in Basin Spring Park, great shopping, street musucians and artisans, interesting people, nearby swimming and great locations for picnics and gatherings. Include Eureka Springs top attractions on your travel itinerary and try this natural form of amusement without a big entrance fee. Other major attractions are just a short drive from Eureka Springs including Branson, Missouri and the nation’s newest art museum – Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Pea Ridge National Battlefield.

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