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 Psychic ‘Remote viewing’ in Eureka Springs!

Juliana Fay with Intrigue Theater demonstrated a ‘remote viewing’ from the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs on August 2, 2014 from 2-4pm. Remote viewing has been used by the government to obtain classified information throughout history. The activity is thought to be an unexplainable extrasensory perception belonging to some people. On August 2nd, Juliana Fay read the minds of guests in the lobby of the Basin Park Hotel from 37 miles away over a live radio broadcast. intrigue theaters remote reading juliana fay eureka springs

Juliana Fay has done this before from a shorter distance but this is the first ‘long distance’ reading. The DJ’s of KHOZ verified the authenticity of the reading during the broadcast.

Want to experience Juliana Fay’s amazing gifts for yourself? See her perform at Intrigue Theater with nationally acclaimed illusionist Sean-Paul! Tickets sell quickly so reserve your tickets online now!

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