Paranormal Spring Break in Haunted Eureka!

Why settle for a normal Spring Break when you can experience a Paranormal Spring Break in Eureka Springs?!


Enjoy a thrilling “Super”Natural Spring Break in One of a Kind Eureka Springs! Here’s a paranormal peek at what’s going on in our haunted historic  mountain town this Spring!



Ghost Hunt at the 1905 Basin Park Hotel

Since we started to incorporate a ghost hunt into our tours, reports of paranormal activity in certain areas of the building a have multiplied. Is it because we have more people searching for evidence of the supernatural, or are our investigations encouraging our invisible friends to reach back to us from beyond the veil? Either way, we know that the more people investigating, the more results we accumulate.

This is where you come in.

Join us for Adventour and become a paranormal investigator for a day! This is a unique experiment in otherworldly crowd-source data-collection.  You can help us to garner evidence of paranormal activity at the historic 1905 Basin park Hotel.

Start the evening with an informal gathering of investigators in the Lucky 7.  Your journey begins with an exclusive visit to the roof, where photo-ops from the tallest building in old town Eureka Springs make for “lifetime memories.”

As a preliminary to the main event your guide will recount the stories of ghostly activity in the building that have been handed down over generations,  and introduce you  to a few characters from the colorful history of Eureka Springs whose lives were bound up with the Basin park hotel and are very likely to be still present – in some form!

Then you will be given the tools to investigate the most active areas for yourself – these include the Barefoot Ballroom, the notorious third floor and the underground cave.

Your experiences, photographs and other evidence will be recorded and documented on our websites and Facebook pages. In this way you will help us build an archive of supernatural occurrences in the Basin Park Hotel – testimonials that will be read by guests at the hotel for years to come.

ADVENTOURS are offered every Friday and Saturday evening at 8.00 p.m. *

*To accommodate our spring break guests we have extended the schedule to Tuesday – Saturday from March 12-23.

$15.00 adults;  under 13 $8.00

Not recommended for very small children.

This is an alcohol-free event.

Tickets may be purchased at the Front Desk or (advised) in advance through


No trip to Eureka Springs is complete without experiencing one of The 1886 Crescent Hotel’s famous Ghost Tours!

Ghost Tours are offered every night of the year at The 1886 Crescent Hotel “The Most Haunted Hotel in America” beginning at 8.00 pm. (Tours added earlier and later to accommodate demand.)

Your professional, costumed guides will take through the building, pointing out the most active areas and telling you the stories behind the sightings that have been reported over many generations. The tour ends in the highly active morgue – legacy of the notorious Norman Baker “Cancer Curable” Hospital. After the tour the guides will be happy to share their extensive knowledge of the hotel and Eureka Springs with those who have questions.

This is an alcohol free tour and is not recommended for very small children.

Meet your guide and fellow guests 10-15 minutes before your tour at the Faculty Lounge on the fourth floor.

$22.50 adults, under 13 $8.00.

Tickets may be purchased at the Front Desk or (advised) in advance through




How many hotels offer live theater as an amenity for their guests? The Crescent Hotel does!

Every Friday evening at the convenient time of 7.00 p.m. our guests can enjoy a play especially written for them! This play has been running for over four years. See reviews below.

It’s subtle, it’s a guessing game, it’s dry humor, it’s a brain-teaser – it’s a one hour, two-actress, jam-packed, keep ‘em guessing, supernatural comedy-murder-mystery thriller, it’s:

Back from the dead, with baggage!

Two women in a lonely house in Eureka Springs during a thunderstorm.  Each claims she is in her own house and the other must be ghost. Then things get complicated…


 Rebecca J. Becker and “Duchess” Debra Workman

“these ladies are ready for Broadway”

Not Really a Door was developed especially for the guests at the most haunted hotel in America by ghost tour manager, actor and playwright Keith Scales.

Faculty Lounge, 4th floor, 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa


Discounts available

Tickets may be purchased at the Front Desk or (advised) in advance through


 “One of a kind experience!”

This was fantastic! …Very well crafted story that won’t allow you to take a moment off. The actresses were “dead on” with their performances.. Do yourself a favor and do this. You will not be disappointed.

“Not Really A Door is a fun must-see!

We so thoroughly enjoyed the play Not Really A Door! The women performing are nothing short of first rate amazing. The play is creative, clever and fun, and how cool to see such a play in a truly haunted hotel! Perfection!

“Don’t Miss “Not Really A Door

“Not Really A Door” at the 1886 Crescent Hotel will keep you engaged from beginning to end. The play is a ghost story, a farce, a mystery-thriller, and a puzzle. The actresses are fully immersed in their roles and the story comes alive in the intimate theatre setting.

“Unexpectedly Fantastic!”

…we found ourselves laughing, and gasping, and actually really caring about the two women in the play.  One is a ghost, one is a killer – – we knew that going in because of the brochure advertising the play. But that’s all we knew. ..An hour later, we were applauding like crazy, and even though we knew who was who, we’re not telling!.. But we will tell you this – – go see the play, Not Really A Door. You’ll have a LOT of fun!


The intimate Faculty Lounge performance space is located steps away from the famous SKYBAR PIZZA.

Enjoy dinner and a show at affordable prices!


Part of the mission of the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is to “preserve the irreplaceable.”

The Ozarks region is famous for a long storytelling tradition. Strange tales that originated in these hills – stories of witches, monsters, spook-lights and ghosts – were told by the “old folks” for decades, passed down through the generations and only recently written down. These stories will make you wonder, make you shiver, make you laugh – but where can you hear them today?

At the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, or course!

Prepare yourself to hear the eerie tales of Raw Head and Bloody Bones, the Raven Mocker, the Vanishing Rider, the Tall Stranger and the Small, the Fiddler in Faralone Cave, the Fillyloo bird, the Giasticus, the White River Monster, Albino Sasquatch and of course…the fearsome Gowerow! The stories are delivered by trained storytellers around an outdoor fireplace (weather permitting, otherwise indoors) at 11.00 pm, with no light except the moon and the firelight, in our intimate outdoor amphitheater in the very shadow of the most haunted hotel in America. This is a not-to-missed opportunity, a unique lifetime memory.

Friday and Saturdays at 11.00 pm

Thursdays and Sundays added especially for Spring break

March 9 – 25th

Meet your guide in the lobby at 10.55 pm

$12.00 adults, $6.00 under 13. Not recommended for very small children.

Tickets available at the Front Desk or (advised) in advance at



For a quarter of a century the Crescent was operated, during the school year, as a college and conservatory for young women. One hundred students per year came from over thirty states to the limestone castle in the Ozark hills, where they received an education equal to – – and often better than – –  that of any establishment in the country!

While the Conservatory focused on music, drama, and art, and teachers were celebrated artists and musicians in their own right, Crescent College offered courses in languages, history, physics, chemistry, political science and child welfare and much more.  The range, breadth and depth of classes is astonishing.

Many of the young women who received instruction here went on to major careers as musicians, artists, writers, designers, physicians, professors and legislators.  One or two of them, of course, went to the dark side – – we had one graduate who became one of the most notorious criminals on the F.B.I.’s Most Wanted list!

Historian Rebecca J. Becker has taken on the exciting task of tracing the lives and careers of the alumnae from Crescent College, painstakingly searching through old records, locating new information, finding photographs, contacting families, conducting oral histories, and assembling her research into an ever-changing but always fascinating  permanent exhibit in the Faculty Lounge, on the 4th floor of the Crescent Hotel.

Wander the walls of the exhibit and see pictures of the students, get to know their interests, and read their comments about the world they lived in – and each other!



Teachers: your students will enjoy this accessible, highly visual glimpse into the lives of students who lived and worked here, filling our halls with laughter and music, a century ago.


You love coming to the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa. You leave reluctantly.  It’s a place you will always cherish in your memory and you will be back!

In the meantime, you can take a little of the Crescent Hotel experience home with you – between the covers of a remarkable book.

HOUSE OF A HUNDRED ROOMS; Tales the Ghost Tour Guides Do Not Tell

Location: the 1886 Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Characters: ghosts, guests and tour guides.

House of a Hundred Rooms is a collection of eerie tales woven into an account of a ghost tour that grows increasingly bizarre as the characters begin to come to life – or do they?

  • A young worker who died during the construction of the Crescent Hotel turns up at Crescent College and Conservatory for Women, thirty years later.
  • A gangster in fear of his life has been hiding out in the hotel since Prohibition.
  • A student died in a fall from an upper balcony – was it an accident, was she pushed, or did something else occur?
  • A murdered politician sends a newspaperman to the underground city to find his body.
  • A woman’s arm appears through a wall in a later decade.
  • A despicable genius, making his fortune from the misfortunes of others, has reasons to distrust those closest to him.
  • A secret has kept a man waiting for his beloved for a hundred years.
  • Two lost children make a home in a huge empty building that is not as deserted as it appears.

These stories, and others from various periods in the history of Eureka Springs, are told at various stops on a ghost tour being given by a weary and somewhat skeptical guide.  His guests are unruly and his colleagues seem to vanish one by one.

However, by the end of the night the stories of ghosts, guides and guests merge, and the tour leader’s doubts are forever dispelled.


House of a Hundred Rooms was written over five years (at night) by ghost tour manager Keith Scales. The tales it does tell recount incidents that could have occurred, but probably didn’t.  The historic settings are faithfully recreated.

Take the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa home with you, so you can get your Eureka Springs fix at any time!

Available (signed) in the lobbies of The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa and The Basin Park Hotel or purchase (unsigned) on Amazon.

Come and experience the paranormal thrills and chills of haunted historic Eureka Springs and make this “Super”natural Spring Break a memory to last a lifetime!

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Blog by Keith Scales/Header and editing by Scott Moore

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