May Festival of the Arts Schedule

May Fest Calendar of Events
May 4th–John Rankine Opening Reception at Brews, 5pm
May 5th–Unveiling of the 4 Seasons Project at Basin Park
May 5th–Plein Air Painters reception at Main Stage, 5-8pm
May 4th-6th
Phunkberry Music Festival
May 6th–ArtRageous Parade,
2 pm
May 6th–Unveiling of The
Eurekan Spectacle in Basin Park, 3pm
May 6th–Drumming in the Park,
May 7th–Dance of Deceit at The Auditorium, 2pm
May 8th-14th–Bridge of Love” at the bath house bridge
May 10th–Eureka Springs House Concert Series with Jonathan Byrd & Corin Raymond at UU Church,
May 11th & 12th–The Art of Acadian Weaving Class, Shoppes at Fleece & Flax
May 12th-14th–Homecoming Queen – Zarks Gallery Invitational Theme Show
May 12th-14th–Nuits Rose Wine Festival
May 12th–Uncorked with Rigdon Irvin, Event Eureka,
May 13th–Art in the Park and Four Seasons Mobile Making
May 13th–Free Music in the Park with Roby Pantall and Ron Pennington,
12 pm to 3pm
May 13th–Ozarks Chorale Concert at The Auditorium, 7:30pm
May 13th— Gallery Stroll,
6pm to 9pm
May 13th–Eureka Fine Art Gallery Opening Artist Reception
6pm to 9pm
May 13th and 14th–Bridge of Love Flower Market,
11am to 4pm
May 14th–Bridge of Love Mother’s Day Photo, 1:30pm
May 14th–John Two-Hawks Mother’s Day Hidden Medicine Concert at The Auditorium,
May 19th–White Street Walk
4pm to 9 pm
May 20th–Art in the Park–
11 am to 4 pm
May 20th–Art Bazaar at the Birdcage,
10 am to 5 pm
May 20th, 3rd Saturday Music Series with Grady Nichols
5pm to 7 pm
May 21st-26th–Eureka Spring Plein Air Festival
May 21st–Books in Bloom Literary Festival at The Crescent Hotel,
12 pm to 5 pm
May 27th and 28th–Danny Blade of Gartner Blade Glass,
6 pm to 9 pm
May 28th–Dancing in the Park with 
Melonlight, 1pm to 3pm

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