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Relaxation is Eureka Springs’ Gift to Holiday Season Visitors

(Eureka Springs, Arkansas) — One of the biggest reasons any season I love to visit this Ozark mountain village is that it is just a short drive to get there… but once there, I feel like I’m a million miles away from my everyday cares, woes, and anxieties.  And, once I’ve arrived in Eureka Springs, I take a deep breath and simply relax.  That’s why I especially like to get away to Eureka sometime during the holiday season.  For me that’s anywhere from early November to the turn of the new year.  The added reasons i can really relax while enjoying a late-fall / early-winter Eureka Springs vacay are numerous. 

Here are just a few:


Warmth – Everything from the friendliness of the locals to the usual mild weather conditions during this time of year.  Folks in Eureka Springs actually make me feel like they are quite glad I came to visit.  They are kind, helpful and make me feel special, like family.  And with the weather being like it is, I can get out and enjoy the brilliant sun without being bundled up like a polar explorer.  Also, I always check to make sure that where I stay has whirlpool rooms and/or a hot tub on property.  For me, nothing produces “un-laxation” like a soak in a big ol’ repository of warm to hot water.  This year, I have heard that some resort properties have converted summer swimming pools into a warm, winter pool of 90-plus degrees of comforting water.  Another toasty trend is a firepit or outdoor fireplace to gather ‘round after the sun sets; s’more manufacturing optional!

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Finding Myself – What signals me for a sojourn to Eureka Springs?  It’s when I look into a mirror and ask, “Do I know you?”  My daily grind sometimes makes me forget… but after only a few hours surrounded by the Ozarks and a 19th century community that time forgot, it starts coming back to me.  That’s why I immerse myself into Eureka.  Sometimes it’s with several spa appointments for awesome de-stressing services.  Sometimes it’s a crisp morning walk as the sun begins to rise followed by an easy morning yoga stretch.  Sometimes it’s as simple as me doing nothing but sipping a second cup of coffee at a downtown coffee shop then loafing the day away.  Sometimes it’s a combination of all of these and more.  All I know is, it doesn’t take long being in Eureka for me to not only recognize that person in the mirror but remembering I like that guy.

Gift Giving – There is nothing that relaxes me more than channeling my inner-Santa by giving a gift to a friend or a family member that is like nothing he or she has ever seen before; yet another reason for a holiday season visit to Downtown Eureka Springs.  They must have about a hundred shops, individually owned and operated… no chain or big box stores!  These quaint shops have one-of-a-kind merchandise.  Relaxed strolls from one shop to another to another is wonderful as is slowly browsing through merchandise displays in each shop.  The best though is that “aha” moment when I say, “This is it!” and the purchase is made.  The only thing that tops that is, once I’m back in my room, pulling all of my treasures out the bags, giving them a second look, and psychologically giving myself a well-deserved pat on the back imagining the happy faces of the recipients once their individual gifts are opened.

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Every Day Is Different – For a town that reflects the architecture of the 19th century, every day of my getaway promises something new and different to do.  No two days are ever exactly the same.  I can take a downtown walking tour.  I can stroll from spring to spring.  . You know… the ones that once were famous for their healing powers but are now simply beautiful, mini-city parks.  I can investigate at several venues trying to meet, greet and maybe get a picture of a “person” from the past who never stopped his or her vacay in Eureka Springs (NOTE: everyone I talk to tells me all of Eureka’s ghost are “casper-esque”!)  Two of the new things I am for sure going to try this year is a trip down the “Rabbett Hole”, a nuance of a new casual lounge in downtown, Jack Rabbett’s Whisky Bar; and also a chance to be my own Sherlock Holmes as I accept the challenges put forth in Escape Room 13.

            Again, this year, I’m heading to Eureka Springs for some holiday season relaxation… taking advantage of the “relaxed” room rates at some of Eureka’s historic hotels. 

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