An Insane Escape

straitjacket escape

On Thursday, October 4, 2012 Sean-Paul performed the suspended straitjacket escape as he hung from the balcony of the Crescent Hotel.

“The jacket holds his arms in an unnatural position and behaving as if insane, he writhes and rolls about to free himself. Fear courses through his body. The wind blows him in dizzying circles high above the ground and he looks out onto a world that has literally been turned upside down.”

Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater successfully escaped from a straitjacket while suspended in air, a performance made famous by Harry Houdini.


You can see nationally acclaimed illusionist, Sean-Paul, and medium Juliane Fay perform at Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs.

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See Houdini’s suspended straitjacket escape live as streaming video here.

Verified by the local newpaper, the Citizen, a regulation straitjacket was used by Sean Paul to perform the escape that Houdini made famous. Buckled into the straitjacket, Sean-Paul was hoisted 50 feet in the air and hung upside down.

Ironically, Sean Paul hung from the overlook of America’s Most Haunted Hotel and from the same spot where Michael, a mason working on the construction of the hotel in the 1800’s, fell to his death. Documented paranormal activity has been captured in the hotel on many occasions earning it the title of America’s Most Haunted Hotel.

Every year Sean-Paul and Juliana hold a seance in America’s Most Haunted Hotel on Halloween night and attempt to communicate with the Great Houdini from beyond the grave.

You can even tour America’s Most Haunted Hotel…take the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour!

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