The Great Passion Play | Eureka Springs’ Inspirational Playground (Draft)

It’s so much more than just a play, it’s a PLAYground!

Find “inspiration” by exploring and participating with the whole family in the many things to do on site from the most religious to the most invigorating at The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs!


Bike  Trails




Berlin Wall

Church in the Grove

Christ of the Ozarks

Petting Zoo

The Play

Holy Land Tour

The Market Place

Backstage Tour

Dinner Buffet

Movies in the Chapel



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Family Vacation Fun in Eureka Springs – Hassle Free

Skip the Lines and Have Good Times

Does it sometimes feel like you’re spending most of your family vacation standing in line waiting for your turn? Well step out of that line and have a good time and experience all the hassle-free fun things to do in our beautiful Ozark Mountain town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

image of kids in a hotel pool

Make a splash in one of a kind Eureka Springs, AR this Summer!

Here are just a few of the many wonderful and exciting memory making adventures that await you and your family in our stress free lil’ mountain town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

Just south of Eureka Springs on 459 acres is home to a variety of exotic and native animals, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is one of America’s most beloved and respected big cat sanctuaries. Providing compassionate care and lifetime refuge to survivors of the exotic animal trade, this nonprofit is a Northwest Arkansas “Top 10” attraction and one of the most popular in Eureka Springs. Enjoy educational daily tours or experience Africa in the Ozarks in one of their unique lodging accommodations.  Follow them on social media for regular updates, photos, videos and more!

Image may contain: grass and outdoor

Tigers like to play too! Experience a wild time for the whole family at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

Experience the exhilarating thrill of a zip line canopy tour right in the heart of the beautiful, pristine Ozark Mountains at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. You’ll go soaring through the air from up to 300+ feet high with cable lengths from up to 2000 feet long over vast gorgeous, beautiful Ozark hardwood trees and limestone cliffs. Experience 10 cables and one swinging bridge. 

These exciting ziplines offer the highest degree of safety while providing large or small groups, families, and private parties an exhilarating outdoor fun & safe adventure. This expert staff will operate and deliver 2 hours of fun per tour for any persons 3 years of age or older.  

No wooden towers here! All natural and minimal hiking on clear cut trails finishing up at the bottom of the gorge where an air-conditioned bus is waiting with smiling faces to take you back to the welcome center just minutes away. 



Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup and outdoor

Ozark Mountain Ziplines are fun for everyone!

Image result for ozark mountain ziplines family fun

Bridge the gap with your family this Summer at Ozark Mountain Ziplines in one of a kind Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

Lake Leatherwood City Park

1610 beautiful acres of peaceful Ozark mountain countryside with something for everyone to enjoy. An 85 acre lake to swim, fish, paddle & gaze upon. 20+miles of maintained trails to hike or cycle. 199 bird species to watch from the bird blind. Fields for baseball & soccer. Cabins & camping for rest & renewal. Walk the dog, let the kid’s run, take a hike, join a pick-up game, throw out a line, pack a picnic, fly a kite . . .what are you waiting for ~ Lake Leatherwood City Park is here for YOU!

 lake leatherwood eureka springs arkansas ozarks family fun swimming

Jump into Summer family fun at beautiful Lake Leatherwood in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

boating canoeing family fun lake vacation summer

Canoeing, paddle boating and so much more at Lake Leatherwood City Park.

What is the #1 Attraction in Eureka Springs? Downtown Eureka Springs!  With shopping, dining, nightlife and much more, strolling down Spring and Main Streets will create the perfect backdrop to your vacation.

image of people in basin spring park in Eureka Springs, AR

Good times and great fun in Basin Springs Park. Celebrate Summer in Eureka Springs!

Take a leisurely walk on Main Street and explore unique shops, dine underground, have lunch, take a carriage ride, or explore the history with the Downtown Walking Tours. People watch in Basin Spring Park and see where the town was founded or see what life was like in the 1900’s with a visit to the Historical Eureka Springs Museum and focus on the Springs of Eureka Springs.

Continue up to the Award Winning Spring Street visiting art galleries, boutiques and dining in local favorites that are open all year round. Whether you are shopping for your favorite pup, gourmet foods, or something to remember your trip by Downtown Eureka Springs offers spectacular shopping.

image of Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas at night

The jewel of Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The historic 1905 Basin Park Hotel.

Stay Downtown
Nothing is more fun than being in walking distance to all of the fun in Eureka Springs! Downtown offers a variety of lodging from historic properties like the Basin Park Hotel, luxury properties, cottages and cabins, Bed and Breakfasts, and even tree houses! There is something for every visitor!

No Visit to Eureka Springs is complete without time in Downtown Eureka Springs.

Check out this great deal! 

Best of the Basin

Mountain Bike Mecca

image of mountain biker airborne in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The thrill of the ride! Eureka Springs has trails for the expert and the novice alike!

Eureka Springs with its ever growing Trail system now includes the most spectacular downhill biking course on the OzTraisl System.  Miles and miles of family friendly biking can be found at Lake Leatherwood, The Grounds of the Great Passion Play and throughout the In-City Trail system

visit to find your ride

New ghostly discovery at The 1886 Crescent Hotel

On February 5, 2019, while working to extend a parking pad at the north end of the 1886 Crescent Hotel, a chance discovery was made by the hotel’s landscape gardener, Susan Benson.  There in that first scoop of dirt were a couple strange, medical-looking bottles.  Knowing part of the hotel’s history that it was once a “cancer curing hospital” in the late 1930s, Benson called the hotel’s ghost tour manager, Keith Scales.  Upon his arrival, Scales realized the bottles he was looking at were identical to those that appeared on an advertising poster of the late Norman Baker, the charlatan who operated the hospital.

image of human remains found at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Human organs found preserved at the Crescent Hotel! Things just got a little more haunted here!

On April 9, 2019, team members of the Arkansas Archeology Survey, part of the University of Arkansas system, arrived from the nearby Fayetteville campus, to begin their meticulous study.  They began to carefully peel back layers of dirt and rock.  Cutting root clusters as needed, the “find” was slowly uncovered.

All the folklore, all the hair-raising stories, all the rumors were now proving to be true with each and every bottle, medical specimen jar, gruesome surgical tool, etc. as they arose from their 80-year-old grave.  Physical remnants of Baker’s Cancer Curable Hospital could now be seen, studied and displayed.  The discovery echoed throughout the United States thanks to such news outlets as Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, CNN, and Newsweek, to name just a few.

Ghost Tours are offered nightly at The 1886 Crescent Hotel “The Most Haunted Hotel in America” beginning at 8.00 pm. Your professional, colorful costumed guides will take you through the Crescent Hotel pointing out the most active areas and telling you the stories behind the sightings that have been reported over many generations. The tour ends in the highly active morgue – legacy of the notorious Norman Baker “Cancer Curable” Hospital. After the tour the guides will be happy to share their extensive knowledge of the hotel and Eureka Springs with those who have questions. Meet your guide and fellow guests 10-15 minutes before your tour at the Faculty Lounge on the fourth floor. $22.50 for adults, under 13 $8.00.

Tickets may be purchased at the Front Desk or (advised) in advance through:

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Thrilling Ghost Tour at The 1886 Crescent Hotel! “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” Family fun in Eureka Springs!

Check out this great deal!

Crescent Favorites

Ghost Hunt at the 1905 Basin Park Hotel

Since they started to incorporate a ghost hunt into their tours, reports of paranormal activity in certain areas of the building a have multiplied. Is it because more people are now searching for evidence of the supernatural, or are more investigations encouraging invisible friends to reach back to folks from the other side? 

Join the fun for the Adventour and become a paranormal investigator for a day! This is a unique experiment in otherworldly crowd-source data-collection.  You can help to garner evidence of paranormal activity at the historic 1905 Basin park Hotel.

Start the evening with an informal gathering of investigators in the Lucky 7 Bar. Your journey begins with an exclusive visit to the roof, where photo-ops from the tallest building in old town Eureka Springs make for “lifetime memories.”

As a preliminary to the main event your guide will recount the stories of ghostly activity in the building that have been handed down over generations,  and introduce you  to a few characters from the colorful history of Eureka Springs whose lives were bound up with the Basin park hotel and are very likely to be still present – in some form!

Then you will be given the tools to investigate the most active areas for yourself – these include the Barefoot Ballroom, the notorious third floor and the underground cave.

Your experiences, photographs and other evidence will be recorded and documented on our websites and Facebook pages. In this way you will help us build an archive of supernatural occurrences in the Basin Park Hotel – testimonials that will be read by guests at the hotel for years to come.

ADVENTOURS are offered every Friday and Saturday evening at 8.00 p.m. 

$15.00 adults;  under 13 $8.00

Tickets may be purchased at the Front Desk or (advised) in advance through


paranormal investigation basin park hotel eureka springs arkansas ozarks

Join the thrill of a ghost hunt at The 1905 Basin Park Hotel in haunted Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

Looking for some good old wholesome family fun? There is no shortage of entertainment for the entire family when you come to Eureka Springs, Arkansas’ Premier Family Fun Center. Pig Trail Kart N’ Golf offers you the very best in entertainment and wholesome clean family fun. With two Putt Putt Courses, a multi-level Go Kart track, indoor Arcade and Play Center and Batting Cages, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Good times and lifetime memories await you! 

Image of boy riding a go kart at Turtle Back Ridge

Rev up and run with some bumper car fun in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

image of a kid playing mini golf in eureka springs arkansas

It’s a whole in one for family fun in the Arkansas Ozarks!


If you’re looking for an activity the whole family will enjoy, check out an afternoon at Onyx Cave Eureka Springs.  Known as the oldest show cave in Arkansas, visitors have been flocking to this unique attraction since it was discovered in 1893.  Onyx Cave can be found just six miles from Eureka Springs on Onyx Cave Lane.  

Each person entering the cave will receive a pair of radio headphones to wear during the tour.  Tours are all self-guided and last around 30-minutes.  The Onyx Cave is a great outing for little children as the tour can be as quick or as long as you like.  The cave offers easy access to the ramps but there are stairs that lead to the gift shop.  No strollers or pets are permitted inside the cave.

The Onyx Cave remains at a cool temperature of 57 degrees year-round.  The underground formations consist of natural flowstone known as cave onyx.  A few of the chambers that can be seen on the tour include the Witches Fireplace and the Friendly Dragon.

 Adults ages 13 and up are admitted for $7.50, children are $3.50 and ages 3 and under are admitted free.  On your way out of the cave, take a browse through the cave Gift Shop featuring jewelry, rocks, and Onyx gift items.

Image result for onyx cave in eureka springs arkansas

Take your time and preserve your lifetime memories in pics! No rush, just good times!

image of onyx cave in eureka springs, arkansas

Fun and exploration for the whole family at Onyx Cave in Eureka Springs! Hassle-free fun at your own pace.

Experience gravity gone wrong! Water and balls roll uphill, people walk at strange angles and appear to grow taller and shorter, depending on where they stand! Years ago, moonshiners operated in the cavern – it was perfect for making the “Devil’s Brew” – in fact, the cove of Beaver Lake where the cavern is located is still referred to as “Devil’s Gap”. Years after the cavern was opened for public tours, remnants of a still was found in the cavern, and remains of what must have been a shack was discovered on the hillside. Local lore has it that the good ole boys would stay in this shack while making their “White Lightning” inside the cavern. Building from the foundations remaining, it was soon discovered that gravity had gone wrong. Was it because of the huge cavern just below pulling it in? Is there some kind of vortex? Or was there just too much moonshine involved in the construction? Experience it yourself! See how water flows uphill, balls roll uphill, people walk at strange angles and seem to grow taller and shorter!
 Expect to be totally confused as the laws of gravity seem to no longer apply!
Whether you are planning your family vacation or just a fun weekend adventure, War Eagle Cavern offers hours of affordable family fun. Located half-way between Eureka Springs and Rogers, Arkansas.
We are: stroller-accessible, pet friendly, and have limited handicap accessibility.
Image result for war eagle cavern

Enter a new world this Summer! Adventure for the entire family close to Eureka Springs!

Cosmic Cavern in Berryville, Arkansas is one of the states’ most beautiful natural attractions! When you are in Northwest Arkansas or the Berryville area and are looking for “things to do” or “attractions” Cosmic Cavern is a “must see” destination. We are easy to find, right between Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. Cosmic Cavern is Arkansas’s largest privately owned show cave. Cosmic Cavern was discovered in 1845, but wasn’t developed until 1927. Cosmic Cavern’s cave tour is approximately a 1hr and 15 minute walking tour in the warmest cave in the Ozarks, at a steady 64 degrees and 96% humidity. The cave is a warm 64 degrees in the winter and a cool 64 degrees in the summer. It is the perfect temperature no matter what season of the year you choose to vist! The cave features a 9 foot soda straw, the longest known in the Ozarks, and 2 bottomless cave lakes. The first lake, South Lake, has had trout in it for nearly 50 years. Some of the trout have gone blind and most have lost their color. One of the lakes was discovered in 1993 in the “Silent Splendor” section which made national news. This was Arkansas’ most delicate discovery. The bottom or end of these lakes has yet to be found. The newly discovered area, “Silent Splendor” is hailed as a must see attraction in Arkansas. It is so pristine and untouched that many of the beautiful formations are transparent.

Image result for cosmic caverns berryville arkansas

Adventure awaits the whole family this Summer at Cosmic Caverns in the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks! Located between Eureka Springs and Branson.


It’s time to bring a little nostalgia back into your lives, along with a lot of convenience: Ride a Trolley. It’s easy…it’s inexpensive…reservations are not necessary…and you can catch a trolley at any one of the 130 stops located in town. To make it even easier getting around, they’ve color-coded the routes. Just look for the colored pennant flying from the front bumper and the matching banner on the side. And in addition to the trolleys, they have a couple of mini-buses to back up their fleet. They can be used just like the trolleys.
These fun trolleys cover every area of town: to the west on Highway 62 as far as the Razorback Gift Shop (and to Thorncrown Chapeland Lake Leatherwood City Park until 4 pm most days between April and October); north on Highway 23 (also known as Main Street in town) to the Eureka Springs North Arkansas Railroad; East on Highway 62 to the Alpen Dorf Motel turn-around and North on Passion Play Road to the entrance of the Great Passion Play. The most popular is the Red Route that will take you throughout the largest historic district in Arkansas, the heart of Eureka Springs and will even drop you in front of the iconic Crescent Hotel!
See a different side of Eureka from one of our open-air trams. Each narrated tour lasts approximately 85 minutes and has 2 stops, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and one of our lovely springs, Grotto Spring. Tours start at and return to the
Eureka Springs Transit & Welcome Center (Trolley Stop #1) 137 W. Van Buren (Hwy. 62W) They are 1/4 mile west of the intersection of Highway 62 and Highway 23N (also known as Main Street)
Image may contain: sky and outdoor trolley downtown eureka springs arkansas

Clang,clang, clang went the trolley! Save time and parking stress and catch a ride on us!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor tram tours downtown eureka springs arkansas

Take a leisurely tour of Historic Eureka Springs this Summer!

Experience the intrigue of spending an evening with a world class illusionist and a medium. Even the most hardened cynics are amazed  by what they encounter at Intrigue Theater

image result for intrigue theater in eureka springs arkansas

Prepare to be amazed at The Intrigue Theater!

The 19th century began the Golden Age of Magic as captured in films like The Illusionist and The Prestige. This time honored and closely guarded craft has been kept alive by the most dedicated of performers. Intrigue Theater features nationally acclaimed illusionist Sean-Paul and medium Juliana Fay  performing in an elegant and elaborate setting in the mysterious Gavioli Theater that pays homage to that magical Golden Era. 

image result for intrigue theater in eureka springs arkansas

Push the limits of reality!

Don’t miss this dazzling trip back in time that blends science, mystery, illusion, and spiritualism into one spectacular theatrical performance that will blow your mind! Family friendly shows are held in an historic building which can seat 100 guests at a time. This ensures each guest has an up close view but it also means that tickets sell out quickly.

Tickets available at:


The BIG water is here in Eureka Springs.  The local Eureka Springs Marina is Starkey Marina and is an ideal place to launch or rent boats.

image result for boat dock on beaver lake eureka springs arkansas

Life is good on Beaver Lake. Summer fun in Northwest Arkansas!


image of outdoor activities at crescent hotel eureka springs arkansas

Come see what’s new at The 1886 Crescent Hotel this year!

Summer Fun at The 1886 Crescent Hotel includes its newest venue – THE FRISCO SPORTING CLUB.  Celebrate the start of the Weekend with Friday Night Fun  that includes Free BBQ and Activities.  See all the Resort Programs included with a stay at the Crescent Hotel

Find the Best Family Vacation DealsClick Here


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May Festival of the Arts (and FOOD)

Mud Street Annex Cafe Farm to Table Dinner Series
4 Course Meal, welcome cocktail and snacks$55.00

In Celebration of the New Season and the 31st Annual May Festival of the Arts in Eureka Springs, The Mud Street Annex is Hosting a Farm to Table Pop-up Dinner Series.

Featuring a Four Course Pre Fixe Menu, Utilizing The Freshest Locally Sourced Ingredients Prepared By Chef Nicolas Bardo and Mud Street Restaurant Owner Bobbie Foster. In Addition We Are Featuring a New Bar Menu To Accompany Our New Endeavor.

Click Here to make a Reservation

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Underground & Way Underground

Fun Things To Do For Kids

in Eureka Springs, AR

Eureka Springs’ Downtown Underground Tour

Basin Spring Park, 4 Spring Street

Eureka Springs, AR

Go Behind the Scenes to learn the seldom spoken Stories of Underground Eureka Springs. This exciting tour offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy stories of Eureka Springs’ Wild West Period, its renewal as an artist community and to explore the mysteries of a underground city. Explore the history and the colorful characters who have made Eureka Springs their home throughout the ages. Visit sites that are untouchable to the ordinary visitor including behind the scenes and on the stage of the City Auditorium where the likes of Willie Nelson, BB King and Ray Charles performed. Take a brave step into buildings that lie under Eureka’s streets. The tour is mildly adventurous – good for the whole family. Wear good walking shoes as you travel up and down through history exploring all the landscape has to offer. This is your chance to see Eureka Springs in a way that even local residents haven’t seen! Unlock the past through an exciting adventure!

Learn More


Cosmic Cavern

6386 Highway 21 North

Berryville, AR 72616

Cosmic Cavern is Arkansas’s largest privately owned show cave. The cave is a steady 64 degrees, so it is the perfect temperature no matter when you choose to visit! The cave features a 9 foot soda straw, the longest known in the Ozarks, and 2 bottomless cave lakes. The first lake, South Lake, has had trout in it for nearly 50 years. Some of the trout have gone blind and most have lost their color. One of the lakes was discovered in 1993 and made national news. It is so pristine and untouched that many of the beautiful formations are transparent.  The bottom or end of these lakes has yet to be found. This area, “Silent Splendor” is hailed as a must see attraction in Arkansas.



Onyx Cave

338 Onyx Cave Lane

Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Onyx Cave was discovered in 1981 and is the oldest show cave in Arkansas. Visitors are guided through the cave by audio headsets which inform them about chambers and rock formations. The cave stays at an average temperature of 57 degrees year round. Onyx Cave’s newly renovated rock shop houses their famous pair of huge Amethyst angel wings!



War Eagle Cavern

21494 Cavern Drive

Rogers, AR 72756

War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake is the largest cavern in Northwest Arkansas, with three stories of cavern system and over 4 miles explored. Follow the easy, wide open pathway (only a few short step-ups in the entire tour!) along the edges of the stream that flows throughout the cavern. Listen to  tales of warriors, draft-dodgers, robbers, moonshiners, squatters, partiers – even Frank and Jesse James – who used the cavern over the years! The cavern stays a constant 58 degrees year-round, with wide level, pet friendly walkways and friendly, story-telling guides, making it the perfect adventure for the entire family.


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NMS Weekday Deal

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Breathtaking Treetop Wedding Package

Picture your wedding in the woods, your reception treetop and your honeymoon in luxury.  This package does it all with a ceremony tucked away at the beautiful Wedding in the Woods arbor of Glenwood Hollow, your reception on the deck of your Cottage in Crescent Park and your honeymoon in the Luxury of a Crescent Cottage.

Ceremony, minister, Cake & Punch Reception, wedding concierge and 2 nights in the Cottage – Just $1,825

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Summer Vacation Deals

  • Crescent Hotel – A Thrilling Adventure

Spirits of the Crescent Package

  • Crescent Cottages – Traveling with Kids

2 Bedroom Cottages is just $249

(Sunday – Thursday)

Phone offer ONLY  800-342-9766

$2000 for 7 Day rental

$1250 for two-nights on weekends

$750 for 3 nights Weekdays

  • Basin Park Hotel – Downtown Fun

Book any 3 Nights @ $99/Night

Sunday – Wednesday

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Eureka Springs West | Gateway to the Lakes

Headed for the beautiful Eureka Springs area lakes? Here are a few unique businesses to check out along the way!

treehouses eureka springs lodging arkansas ozarks unique lodging

The Sanctuary Treehouse at the Grand Treehouse Resort in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

treehouse lodging eureka springs arkansas ozarks unique loding

Luxurious lodging in the trees!

An Eureka Springs original! Luxurious treehouse cottages located on Highway 62 West just minutes from historic downtown Eureka Springs and the surrounding lakes! All of the advantages of being in the country but all the excitement of historic Downtown! Comfortable king size beds, private balconies overlooking the woods, walk-in showers, jacuzzi tubs, towel warmers and so much more. Come experience the best of both worlds at The Grand Treehouse Resort!

razorback gift shop unique shops eureka springs arkansas ozarks

The Razorback Gift Shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

observation tower eureka springs arkansas ozarks unique views

The Razorback Gift Shop Observation Tower! See Eureka Springs from a whole different point of view!


thorncrown chapel unique eureka springs arkansas glass chapel ozarks

The Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The chapel is located on Highway 62 West just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. There is no admission fee, but donations are accepted. Every tour group will receive a presentation telling the story of the chapel. There is ample parking for buses and RVs. So, while in the Ozarks, stop by what many have called one of the most beautiful and inspiring chapels in the world. It will be a visit you will not soon forget.

1610 beautiful acres of peaceful Ozark mountain countryside with something for everyone to enjoy. An 85 acre lake to swim, fish, paddle & gaze upon. 20+miles of maintained trails to hike or cycle. 199 bird species to watch from the bird blind. Fields for baseball & soccer. Cabins & camping for rest & renewal. Walk the dog, let the kid’s run, take a hike, join a pick-up game, throw out a line, pack a picnic, fly a kite . . .what are you waiting for ~ Lake Leatherwood City Park is here for YOU.

Eureka Springs Downhill at Lake Leatherwood

This trail system is a one way specific use trail catering to advanced mountain bikers.  Access from Lake Leatherwood.  Riders must negotiate the climb on Miner’s Rock access road to the top.  The fun begins there!

7 Downhill Trails: All Downhill trails are about a mile in length.  To access the Downhill trails, parking available at Leatherwood Sports Field or at Miner’s Rock Parking Lot and coordinate a shuttle ride up to the entrance of the Downhill trails off of Hwy 62 West.

anlger's eureka springs arkansas catfish restaurant ozarks lake area diniing

Angler’s Restaurant in Eureka Springs West. Life is good out by the lakes!

 Angler's restaurant lake area dining catfish restaurant eureka springs arkansas ozarks

Bring friends and family for the best catfish in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

 Angler’s Restaurant & Bar is Eureka Springs’ lake area go to hot spot! Chill out on the deck and enjoy local craft beers and the best catfish in town! Whether you want catfish or a cold beer and a juicy burger, we have you covered! We are also conveniently located just across the street from the new Eureka Springs Downhill Bike Trail-head to Lake Leatherwood! Come join in the fun and excitement going on high up in The Ozarks!


Eureka Springs West Market

Eureka West Antiques Market is a group shop made up of a variety of quality antique dealers. Inside you will find everything from tools to toys, furniture to fishing reels, and iron to advertising. The layout is open concept, and we you’ll enjoy the look and feel of the building and find the dealers and staff friendly and ready to make you a deal! Eureka West Antique Market also offers a consignment area for large or small antique and vintage items you might want to sell. Open year round in Eureka Springs West!

Castle Point Antiques at Inspiration Point

A traditional antique shop located at beautiful Inspiration Point in Eureka Springs, AR. Experienced owners have been selling since 1975 and enjoy finding interesting things for you and your home. 3 floors of mostly American collections and no reproductions. Come enjoy yourself! Castle Antiques is located 5 miles west of Eureka Springs on Highway 62, right above the White River. What a view!

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

At Velvet Otter they strive to reuse & recycle in a creative fashion by re-purposing & up-cycling home decor and furniture. By doing this they are able to make one-of-a-kind, unique items. You’ll also find also consignment items provided by local Artisans, as well as a variety of Arkansas products, which can be arranged into beautiful gift baskets for any and all occasions. This unique little shop is located on Hwy 62 West next to Castle Antiques at Inspiration Point. Hope to see you there soon! 

Fun and excitement await you in one of a kind Eureka Springs West! Take a journey out to the lakes area hot spots!

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Basin Park Hotel | 2 Wheels Best Deals

Downtown Motorcycle & Mountain Bike

Room Discounts

2 Wheels – Best Deals 

  • 1 night stay in a Premium Room
  • Covered & Locked Parking
  • 1 hour of FREE Pool in the Lucky 7 Billiards.

Valid Sunday-Thursday.



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Spring Renewal | Lodging Renovations in Eureka Springs

Spring is about renewal and each year in Eureka Springs; our unique hotels and b&b’s reveal what they have been working on all Winter to prepare for a great new season!




See what’s new at the The Eureka Inn, The Basin Park Hotel, Downtown’s Elmwood House, The 1886 Crescent Hotel & New Moon Spa! Just a few of the exciting changes this year in Eureka Springs! 

 The newly remodeled Best Western Eureka Inn is sure to provide a peaceful and comforting home away from home for any traveler. This Best Western Hotel located at the entrance to Downtown Eureka Springs provides a large newly revamped pool, free internet access, giving guests the opportunity to check emails and surf the web, all from the comforts of their room or the business center. With cleanliness and value being their top priority, ensuring a restful and productive stay.

best western inn eureka springs arkansas ozarks lodging

Check out the remodeled rooms at the Best Western Eureka Inn!

best western eureka inn downtown eureka springs arkansas ozarks

The Best Western Eureka Inn is conveniently located at the entrance to Downtown Eureka Springs.

hotel amenities eureka springs arkansas lodging ozarks best western inn pools

Take a dip in the upgraded pool at the Best Western Eureka Inn!

 The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa is proud to announce that they have remodeled several rooms and The Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza restaurant for the new season in Eureka Springs! 

An Icon for Eureka Springs lodging, the full-service Crescent Hotel features 72 rooms with upscale suites and 4 luxury cottages. Guest enjoy hot tub and swimming pool, New Moon Spa & Salon, Crystal Dining Room, Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza, concierge and bellman service and 15 acres of manicured gardens with hiking, biking and walking trails that loop through the city and pass the city Dog Park, Skate Park and Playground.

crescent hotel eureka springs arkansas ozarks historic hotels lodging

A Newly renovated and furnished room at The 1886 Crescent Hotel.

lodging eureka springs arkansas ozarks historical hotels unique hotels

Newly renovated rooms at the 1886 Crescent hotel in Eureka Springs, AR.

pizza eureka springs arkansas restaurants ozarks

The Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza Restaurant on the 4th floor of the 1886 Crescent Hotel

New to the Spa is the Health and Wellness Club.  The Club Fitness Room (including use of its two Peloton Bikes) is available through Guests of the Crescent Hotel and Lookout estate through their resort Pass.

Check out this great package:

Feel Relaxed/Look Beautiful-2 Night Spa Revitalizer

The Basin Park hotel is proud to show off their newly remodeled Spa Suites in the Spa1905 and dozen refurbished rooms.  Located in the heart of Downtown Eureka Springs in the middle of all the fun but still feel like your in your own private Oasis! Whether luxuriating in the hottub, relaxing on the deck or enjoying one of the new cold craft beers at the recently renovated Balcony Bar & Restaurant. This is what treating yourself is all about!

spa suite basin park hotel eureka springs arkansas ozarks vacation destination

New room in the Spa Collection at the Basin Park Hotel

Fully renovated Room 306 at The Basin Park Hotel in Downtown Eureka Springs.

balcony bar restaurant downtown eureka springs arkansas ozarks

Craft Beer addition and improved Balcony Bar & Restaurant inside the 1905 Basin Park Hotel

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Best of the Basin

Newly remodeled and renovated in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs is the Elmwood House. Pamper yourself in the comfort and charm of The Elmwood House. Leave all your cares behind as they take care of everything!

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The Elwood House in Downtown Eureka Springs.

downtown eureka springs arkansas ozarks elmwood house lodging

The Onyx Spring Suite is just one of the four newly renovated suites at the Elmwood house in Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Take a soak in the new Jacuzzi tub in the Onyx Suite.

So come to one of a kind Eureka Springs in the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks and see what’s new this Season!  
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