Things to Do in Eureka Springs | Statton Gallery

Eureka Springs Art Galleries

Statton Gallery | Madison’s Garden

Sometime in the early afternoon I arrived to the Statton Gallery on Upper Spring, interrupting Jom’s workflow to introduce myself, hoping to take a peek around and get any thoughts they had to offer about their Gallery. ‘Let me call my wife!’ he said, ‘She’s better at these types of things.’ Shortly after, a stylishly dressed, cheery blond stepped through the door and introduced herself as Judy Statton. Though she was busy preparing for the evenings event, Judy took time to stop and dedicate her attention to the interview.

Originally working and living in Dallas, a series of fortuitous circumstances led them to make Eureka their home, and the beautiful gallery began to take shape.

Opening in May, the gallery originally housed the Statton’s own collection, but since a variety of artists have been asked to display their work.  Judy says she is in awe of the talent that resides in Eureka Springs and is happy to say that several local artists, such as John Willer and Charles Pearce have pieces on display.  In addition to these fixtures, a new artist will be featured every month; September’s artist is Tim Breaux.

An American Style top 25 Arts Destination in the United States”

Jom and Judy meet many of the artists in person and view their work at art shows and competitions, as well as referral from other art buyers. Every item in the gallery is a hand created, original work.

That’s not all; plans are already well underway for the construction of their sculpture garden. Accessible from the sidewalk, the beautiful garden will encompass the surrounding property of the gallery and include gentle water features from one of the springs! Madison’s Garden is named for, and in honor of Owner Jom’s son; who passed in 2016. Here is a heartwarming statement from their website:

“The Statton Gallery, Madison’s Garden is an art gallery, with an outdoor sculpture garden in honor of Jom’s family, art, Eureka Springs, the artists and their positive impact on humanity, the beauty of nature found in the hills, springs and mountains of Eureka Springs and NorthWest Arkansas, and of course, the wonderful memory of Madison and his love for people, and life.”

An attractive space with an array of stunning work, owned by a down to earth pair with a passion for the arts and the beauty of life; whether shopping or just admiring, The Statton Gallery | Madison’s Garden on Upper Spring St. is an experience worthwhile.

Learn More

Eureka Springs Art on the Arkansas Art Trail

“The Best of Eureka Springs” Art Galleries


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Motorcycle Rides in the Ozark Mountain Southern Region

Eureka Springs Motorcycle Rides

Fall is officially here and the leaves are rapidly changing. Here in a few weeks will mark the most vibrant viewing time of the fall foliage. As Bikes, Blues and Barbecue may come and go, it is only the beginning of many beautiful fall rides. You’ve heard of the Pig Trail…it is a nationally acclaimed journey on the Ark. 23 byway…but what about Highway 43 and 16?

While there are a few segments to Highway 43, the portion that begins at Highway 21 in Boxley and ends at AR 7 in Harrison is particularly noteworthy. This drive runs north near the Buffalo River. Keep a look out for herds of elk that like to gather near the roads in the morning or near dusk. Read more about elk in Arkansas.

Ozark Mountain Region

Learn more about the Buffalo River Region

Highway 16 on the other hands begins at US 412 in Siloam Springs and runs south through the Ozark National Forest. Through the forest into Fayetteville and out, 16 meets AR 74 near Elkins. This drive winds nicely allowing for beautiful views on both sides of the road. Take some time to visit the chill, college town that is Fayetteville.  

You’ll find once you hit the road and are headed to northwest arkansas that it is hard to turn around. The views only grow more spectacular and a new vista awaits you around every corner. You never know when you will get a glimpse of a beautiful overlook or a peak of a sunbathed valley.

Looking for a fun destination to spend the night in between rides? Check out The Halloween City, Eureka Springs, AR…they have all the Halloween spirit you are looking for.

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Fall Events in Eureka Springs | September

Things to Do in the Ozarks


Jazz Eureka: 9/13-9/15

Thursday, 9/13 Kickoff Roaring 20’s Jazz Lawn Party at the Crescent Hotel. 7pm-10pm.

Friday & Saturday Free Music in Basin Spring Park

Saturday, 9/15: An Evening with Larry Carlton at the AUD at 7:30pm

NWA Quidditch Cup: 9/14-9/16

Celebrate all things magick with us at the Gathering Mountain; a Festival of Magick & Lore! At The Farm.

Slingshot Roadsters: 9/19-9/22 Best Western Inn of the Ozarks.  Grand parade at 7pm Friday.  Car Show Saturday at 3pm.  Slingshots in the Ozarks.

Dancing in the Park: 9/22 The fourth Saturday of the month brings dancing to Basin Spring Park. Free event!  The Melonlight Dancers will entertain all ages, and if you’re willing, they’ll help you learn a step or two.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ: 9/26-29

National and Regional motorcycle rally held in and around Fayetteville and all of NW Arkansas.

Bluegrass & BBQ at The Farm: 9/28-9/30 Come on out to the Farm for 2 nights of music and camping!


Jazz Eureka  Celebrating 33 years of jazz in Eureka Springs with a line up of outstanding musical acts.

FRIDAY the 14th

Basin Spring Park’s FREE concerts:

  • 3pm       Blair Crimmins & the Hookers
  • 5:30pm Lao Tizer’s Band


Chelsea’s Stage

  • 9:30        Crescent City Combo


Upstairs at Grotto

  • 8PM       Jake Hertzog Trio


Saturday the 15th

Basin Spring Park’s FREE concerts:

  • 2pm       Picante’
  • 4:30pm Blair Crimmins & the Hookers.


Chelsea’s Stage

  • 2:00        Matt & Gus
  • 9:30        Grand Marquis



4 Time Grammy Winner and 19 Time Grammy Nominee, Larry Carlton is the headline act on Saturday at The Aud.   Tickets range from $30 to $60 and can be purchased at



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Crescent Hotel announces ESP Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal Investigators coming to ESP18


Author of ten books on anomalous phenomena,  physicist and  researcher into all things supernatural, Larry Flaxman, is on a mission to inform, empower, and entertain those fascinated by the paranormal.  His best sellers include: “11:11 – The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences and Synchronicities,” “The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality,” and “Viral Mythology: How the Truth of the Ancients was Encoded and Passed Down through Legend, Art, and Architecture.” Flaxman continues to write ground-breaking books on cutting-edge research that leave readers, researchers, and reviewers open-mouthed in disbelief of the truth as it’s presented to them.

For nearly two decades, Flaxman has been actively involved in paranormal research and hands-on field investigation with a strong emphasis on attempting to apply the scientific method to unexplained phenomena. Flaxman is redefining the field of paranormal research with his focus on connecting quantum physics (specifically entanglement and the observer effect) to human consciousness via the use of “real-time” EEG analysis of the experiencer. He is the President and Senior Researcher of the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST) which has become one of the nation’s most respected paranormal research organizations.

Widely respected for his advances in the field, Flaxman has appeared on the Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” as well as the History Channel’s popular show “Ancient Aliens”, and the History Channel special expose “Time Beings: Extreme Time Travel Conspiracies.”

Flaxman has appeared on hundreds of radio shows worldwide include Coast to Coast AM, The Shirley MacLaine Show, The Jeff Rense Show, X-Zone Radio, TAPS Family Radio, and Paranormal Podcast.

As a staff writer for Intrepid Magazine, Flaxman’s work appears regularly in TAPS ParaMagazine, Fate Magazine, New Dawn Magazine, and Phenomena Magazine. Flaxman is often called on to provide expertise for dozens of other publications including “The Times Herald News,” and the “Villager Online.”

Flaxman is the founder of The Bridge of Compassion Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to bridging the gap between those in need and those with a compassionate heart willing to make a difference. Positively impacting and improving the quality of life for the homeless and indigent by providing basic human necessities. Delivered with compassion, dignity, and respect.

In his spare time Flaxman dabbles in screenwriting, with a paranormal horror thriller, 19 Hz, currently in development with Bruce Lucas Films, as well as a paranormal-related television series for the young adult genre in development.

Flaxman is an avid collector of all things unusual – whether it be historic antiquities, medical collectibles, funerary items, or even the completely bizarre,  he likely has it in his collection! In fact, he maintains one of the largest collections of Pre-Columbian artifacts in the United States! Oftentimes you can find some really cool items for sale in his online shop as he clears space to make room for more!


A published author, accomplished researcher and investigator of the paranormal Realm for over 40 years, Dave Harkins brings his love of lost legends, history and the supernatural to almost every aspect of his life. Dave’s fascination with the paranormal started with childhood in Fresno, California as his family has always embraced the supernatural as his lineage stems from American Indian Ancestry including several American Indian Chiefs. David is a voting member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and holds true to many of the customs and beliefs of his ancestors. In 1980, Dave and some friends started up an occult bookstore in Fresno that is still in operation today.

After moving from Fresno back in early 1985 to the Ozark Mountains of south-central Missouri Dave immediately fell in love with not only the mountains themselves but the strange tales that shrouded them in mystery and legend. Tales of lost mines, buried treasure, ghosts, and cryptids were shared with him over the years by Ozarks natives and helped to form his ever-growing interest in researching the truth behind those stories. Forming several small informal paranormal groups in the 80’s and 90’s, Dave founded The Ozarks Paranormal Society in 2007 and later on co-founding the group, Infinity Paranormal Research. Dave devotes most of his free time into searching for answers as to whether life really continues after death and to find the truth behind the stories of various Ozarks legends.

According to Dave, “There is always a little bit of truth behind every ghost story or legend. The key is researching the story, finding the historical connections to it and proving that there really was a basis for the origin of the tale. That’s what makes it so interesting and drives me forward.”

His research has led to the authorship of “Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks” published by the History Press as part of its Haunted America series; that book was later reviewed and accepted for inclusion into the Library of Congress based on its collected folklore and historical content.

In addition to researching and investigating both legends and the unexplained across the United States, Dave has been featured on radio, print and most notably he and the Ozarks Paranormal Society were featured on the Travel Channel show “Legends of the Ozarks” investigating the activity at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in Missouri. David is also featured on a current Travel Channel show, “Mysteries of the Outdoors,” centered on the mysterious happenings surrounding the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.

Dave is also a Team Manager for the world-renowned TAPS Family. The TAPS group is based out of Rhode Island and has been investigating the paranormal for many years before starting the popular “Ghost Hunters” television show on the SyFy network.

Dave has always extended his quest for answers of the existence of the paranormal to many parts of Europe as well as the Indian subcontinent; the quest never stops for Dave, at least as long as there are answers to be had.



Author, researcher, investigator, and explorer of strange and lost legends; if it’s strange, weird or kind of scary, you can bet he’s probably interested in it. Bud has been researching the paranormal for over thirty-eight years and has investigated in both Europe and the United States. He is the founder of Backroads Paranormal, a group dedicated to investigating and researching historical sites, the co-founder of Infinity Paranormal Research, and the Co-Director of The Ozarks Paranormal Society.

Bud has been actively researching and writing for eight years and has written and published seven books, five of which were reviewed and accepted for inclusion into the Library of Congress based on their folklore and historical content. Those five books are the Haunted Natchez Trace, the Haunted Mississippi Gulf Coast, Haunted Baton Rouge, Haunted Northwest Arkansas, and Haunted Ft Smith and Van Buren. Additionally, Bud has two other books published, each the start of its own series. Ozarks Ghosts and Hauntings is the first book in America’s Ghosts series, and Lost Treasures of the Ozarks is the first book in America’s Lost Treasures series.

A lot of the content within his books is historical as it relates to the particular story or legend; you could say that he’s kind of a self-described “history geek” as it’s his opinion that each ghost story, each legend or strange occurrence, has its roots buried somewhere in historical fact. Researching the history behind the story gives us a better sense of why the legend or ghost sighting started in the first place and allows us to separate the fact from the fiction; hopefully, that will lead us down the twisting turning path to the truth. He will be the first to admit that he doesn’t always succeed at finding the source of the legend but he does have a damn good time trying.

Currently, Bud resides in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri with his amazingly patient wife Jennifer, four great kids, and two Pitbulls named Dixie and Clyde.

Purchase a Conference Pass

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Things to Do | Ghost Hunt during ESP weekend

ESP Weekend in Eureka SpringsSchedule and Pricing

Two haunted hotels, three qualified paranormal investigation leaders!

This event has grown in popularity to the point where we now offer the event for two weekends: January 4-6; and 11-13, 2019.

Joining us this year to guide the investigations will be three ghost hunters with more than a century of experience between them:

LARRY FLAXMAN – investigator, physicist and author of ten books on paranormal phenomena, founder of ARPAST.

DAVID HARKINS – investigator with more than 38 years experience in many parts of the world.  Founder of the Ozarks Paranormal Society in 2007 and co-founder of Infinity Paranormal Research

BUD STEED – veteran investigator, best-selling author, founder of Backroads Paranormal, a group dedicated to investigating and researching historical sites, and co-founder of Infinity Paranormal Research, and the Co-Director of The Ozarks Paranormal Society.

*See investigator bios

The Experience

Guests will stay at the atmospheric 1886 Crescent Hotel, Friday and Saturday nights. Each night half the guests will have the opportunity to investigate one of the hotels, switching for the second night.

  • The 1886 CRESCENT HOTEL is noted for the number of supernatural events that have been recorded over the years of its history as:  the finest hotel west of the Mississippi; the Crescent College and Conservatory for young Women; the Baker Cancer Curable Hospital; and in its current status as the most haunted hotel in America.  The known active areas will be available for investigations led by expert ghost hunters overnight, with plenty of opportunity for independent searches.
  • The 1905 BASIN PARK, “the people’s hotel,” stands steps away from the ancient hand-carved basin around which the city of Eureka Springs sprang up overnight.  In the heart of the old town district, the Basin Park hotel has served as everything from a fire station to a speakeasy. Home of the famous Barefoot Ball, the Basin Park Hotel has repaid our new nightly investigations with a major spike in activity. Help us find and maybe identify the spirits that have lingered in this magnificent building since its grand opening.
  • ESP stands for Eureka Springs Paranormal – it could equally stand for “Parapsychological.” The guided and independent investigations take place from midnight to dawn. During the day various hands-on activities are offered, giving conference participants the opportunity to assess their own levels of psychic ability.  These activities include:  individual telepathy testing; a psychomanteum (modern version of an ancient Greek “scrying” temple); a workshop in automatic writing;  and readings with highly qualified psychics. We also offer talks, videos, a book-signing with noted paranormal writers and informal chats with our famous tour guides.  Performances include a traditional Ozark storytelling event, a paranormal play – and much more!


ESP weekends are different every year. In honor of our tenth ESP event we have re-structured the fee scale to the most affordable rates possible, and to provide an attractive alternative for local residents.

CRESCENT HOTEL ROOM RATES (includes a ghost tour of the Crescent Hotel)

Friday/Saturday January   4,5

$99.00 per person  (based on Double occupancy) for two night stay!

Friday/Saturday January 11,12

$129.00 per person (based on Double occupancy) for two night stay!

CONFERENCE FEE:   $125.00 per person

Reserve Your Conference Pass


  • Welcome reception and keynote address
  • T-shirt
  • Guided nocturnal paranormal investigations of 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin park hotels.
  • Active spaces pass: access to known active locations in each hotel for independent investigations.
  • Hands-on activities:  telepathy assessment;  psychomanteum;  24-hour Paranormal Café;
  • Champagne toast to the ghosts
  • Meet the guides; chat informally and frankly with our famous tour guides, who explore the Crescent Hotel every night of the year.  Share your personal experiences with others.
  • Video program, book-signing and panel discussion on the topics: What is a ghost? What is consciousness? What does contemporary science have to say about paranormal phenomena?
  • Half-price tickets to our regular performances: Not Really a Door and Flickering Tales.


Enjoy our annual ESP Psychic Salon; free Crescent College and Conservatory exhibit; the beautiful (and haunted) Crystal Dining Room; the Skybar Pizza Bar and Lounge; the Balcony Restaurant and Lucky 7 lounge at the Basin park Hotel; the New Moon Spa at the Crescent and Serenity Spa at the Basin park; and if you have time on your hands, Eureka Springs is one of the most beautiful and unique locations in America – the whole town is on the historic register!

Early registration advised! Please visit; or call  800-342-9766

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Eureka Springs | A Ghoulish Getaway

The Ghosts of Eureka Springs | ESP Weekend

Once the bright glow of Christmas lights descend from the rooftops back into the attic for the season, the darkness of the January nights become eerie. An excellent thing to do to warm up in the dead of winter is to run over to Eureka Springs Arkansas to hunt the dead during one of the largest ghost hunts in the United States. 2019 is an exceptionally special year, because an extra weekend has been added on to satisfy the great demand. 

These nocturnal investigations will take place at two of the town’s haunted hotels, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and the 1905 Basin Park Hotel for the weekends of January 4th-6th; and the 11th-13th of 2019. Each of the nights, half of the guests will take on the ghoulish adventure at each of the two locations, while switching hotels the following night.

Still not totally convinced? Here is some fascinating history for you on the hotels! The Crescent Hotel is known for the incredible amount of supernatural events that have occurred over the years. It has been the location of the Crescent College and Conservatory for young Women, the Baker Cancer Curable Hospital, and holds the current status as the most haunted hotel in America.

The other location, the Basin Park Hotel as served historically as both a fire station and a speakeasy. Come and “speak-easy” with some lingering spirits that have been hanging around since the building’s grand opening. It also sits steps away from the ancient hand-carved basin around which the city of Eureka Springs sprang up overnight (haha, get it, Eureka Springs, sprang?) The known active areas of each location will be available for investigations led by expert ghost hunters overnight, with plenty of opportunity for independent searches (if you’re feeling brave).

In case you still haven’t realized by reading this far, ESP stands for Eureka Springs Paranormal, which could also stand “Parapsychological.” Both of the guided and independent investigations will take place from midnight to dawn.

“We have our best slate of Celebrity investigators coming in 2019

What better way to spend the hours that most regular, boring humans spend asleep, am I right? But don’t worry, the wee hours of the morning are not the only times for freaky fun! During the day various hands-on activities are offered, giving conference participants the opportunity to assess their own levels of psychic ability. These activities include: individual telepathy testing; a psychomanteum (modern version of an ancient Greek “scrying” temple); a workshop in automatic writing; and readings with highly qualified psychics. There will also be special talks, videos, a book signing with noted paranormal writers and informal chats with famous tour guides. Some of the performances include a traditional Ozark storytelling event, a paranormal play and much more. So now to answer the question…are you a venturesome soul ready to undergo some paranormal excitement?

Follow your curiosities into this exhilarating world for a couple of days and book your tickets now!

See Other Things to Do in Eureka Springs

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Halloween Seance at Americas Most Haunted Hotel

Things to Do on Halloween in Eureka Springs

Halloween Séance at the Crescent Hotel.

On the heels of last years Amazing and hair-raising Séance – Intrigue theater’s Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay return to the Crystal Ballroom – to present and evening of Mysteries that embody the Legends and History of Eureka Springs Crown Jewel – the Crescent Hotel.

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa – America’s Most Haunted Hotel
The Crescent Hotel’s legacy is built on many different personalities  and none were more notorious than that of Dr. Norman Baker.  But long before he was a “doctor” he was starstruck with the highest grossing performer on the Vaudeville circuit  Ms Anna Eva Fay – the indescribable phenomenon.

The Original Ghost Talker
She was born of the spiritualist movement and could see and tell things from the other side.  Juliana Fay’s Ghost Talker performance is a tribute to Anna Eva Fay and on Halloween Night she will start off the evening with her nationally recognized talents.


The Hypnotist
Norman Baker was so inspired by Anna Eva Fay that he became a vaudeville performer himself as a “MESMERIST”  (HYPNOTIST).   Sean-Paul will bring audience members on stage and put them under trance to perform an full on Hypnosis show as a tribute to Norman Baker.   The finale of this segment will be a Past life Regression experiment with someone from the audience.

The Séance! 

Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay will continue to lay out the personalities that are believed to side reside in the haunted hotel and will begin the Séance with more paranormal experiments involving members of the audience.    The night will crescendo will the entire audience taking out their pendulums and or their favorite Ghost Hunting apps as Sean-Paul and Juliane will engage the spirits of the Crescent with a custom crafted script just for  the night.     Sean-Paul recently shared, “The results of  the séance from last year were beyond what we were expecting and we are excited to see what will happen this year!”

Tickets begin at $32 per Person


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8 Wedding Tips for Brides

Eureka Springs Wedding Tips


There it is, that ring you have always dreamed about sitting on the third finger of your left hand.  It was placed there by the man you also have dreamed about.  And after your announcement photo has run in your local paper, it is now time to begin planning your next dream: your wedding day.  Here are a few tips for your planning journal:

  • Think about the when> talk to your family, and to your fiancé with input from his family as to when a general time (season) would be most advantageous for you and those who might attend your wedding. Does it need to be a weekend event?  HINT: Most reception venues offer healthy discounts on winter dates, days other than Saturday, etc. so you might take this into consideration.
  • Establish a rough budget> This step is not so much on possible costs but establishing how much money you and/or your family can comfortably set aside for the ceremony/reception, the gown etc. Some weddings save dollars by no host bar, casual attire for wedding party, and securing a group discount for guest rooms.  HINTMany forget to include honeymoon expense as well.
  • Ceremony / Reception site selection> Vows being exchanged on the Waikiki Beach may sound ultra-romantic but will your family and friends be able to join you? Exotic sites may eliminate attendance by those closest to you due to cost.  Brides sold on a destination wedding site may find a unique place in their home area thereby allowing friends and family to be brought together for a full weekend of memories.  Make sure, however, that your destination is one that has the credentials of producing successful, custom weddings.  It makes it accessible and affordable.  HINT: Most destination sites can help you find vendors with a list of proven vendors such as ministers, florists, photographers, musicians, etc.
  • Buy your gown> This is probably the most difficult step. Not only does your gown -that you will wear only once- meet your beautiful expectations but what is the cost.  How does it fit into your general budget?    HINT: Wedding pictures create an album full of lifetime memories to be enjoyed by generations to come while a wedding dress is worn only once.
  • Fine tune your budget> Some brides will spend up to 50 percent of their budget on the ceremony/reception with the honeymoon expense and the gown following close behind.  Then single digit percentage amounts for such things as the photographer, wedding attire for attendants, rings, flowers, music, invitations, etc. based on your personal prioritization.  HINT: Find a budget template example at <>
  • Merge and refine invitation lists> You have friends and relatives you want to invite as does your fiancé; both families will have added people that “just have to be invited”. Once these lists have been merged with duplicates eliminated, see how the total number of possible guests times the “per person reception cost” fits into your budget.  If it fits comfortably, no problem.  If not, you will need to calmly begin the delicate chore of refining and reducing names from the list.  Then send out your invitations.  HINT: If you would not have a certain invitee “over for dinner”, you might consider not sending that person an invitation.
  • Plan for your wedding-day beauty> Most well-known ceremony/reception venues will have ideas as to where you, your attendants, moms, etc. can receive professional hair styling and makeup services near the venue. Make sure the salon is near your wedding site and be sure to make your salon reservations and include these times in the in the photo timeline you create.  Oftentimes when you do your site visit to a ceremony/reception venue, a visit to suggested stylists and makeup artists will help put your mind at ease.  HINT: Consider a bride and groom photo shoot before the ceremony.
  • Work your plan… and relax> Nothing allows you to enjoy the leadup to your wedding than having an established budget and timetable calendar in your planning journal. Following both will better help you to put a check mark in all the necessary boxes in a comfortable, anxiety-free fashion… for a relaxed bride is a happy bride.  HINT: Surround yourself with relaxing fragrances.  Proper aromas have been proven to take the edge off of stressful situations.

Learn more @

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I’m Getting Married at the Crescent Hotel – Part 2 of 5

My Eureka Springs Wedding Story

Weddings are Stressful – Ask for Help

As the days creep closer and deadlines come and go, emotions are likely to sway. Have you talked to the photographer lately? Do you know what everyone is wearing? Are the invitations even sent out yet? Yes, all of these are real life on my to-do list (and seemingly have been forever at this point).

Once you’ve created a vision for your wedding, it becomes clear pretty quickly that putting it together by yourself is not ideal. There are approximately 28393820340 billion things that need to get done, taken care of, figured out, etc. and fitting them into a normal, already busy schedule seems impossible. Without help, the daunting mountain of planning can easily become overwhelming.

This was where I was at- wondering along with everyone else involved if maybe this was just too big of an undertaking.   We needed help from professionals.  Enter Jodie English-Brown (our Crescent Hotel Sales Manager) and Amy Redmon of The Vintage Soul Events.

Wedding Planning

Harmon Park stage near Crescent Hotel

Our first meeting changed everything. In my memory, it went like this: Amy and Jodie walked with us through the ceremony venue, through the trail, and over to the park amphitheatre where we plan on having the reception. They listened to our ideas, smiled reassuringly at nervous giggles and awkward uncertainty. In a flash, after downloading all of our thoughts, they quickly ran out of sight, and returned wearing full-blown superhero suits and matching capes. Full of confidence and a wave of their hand, each took turns magically spinning our thoughts into tangible, doable, actionable plans. Before we knew it, they painted us a mental picture of our beautiful wedding and the anxiety transformed into excitement.  I am starting to fully understand the reason the Crescent Hotel is known for weddings.  Experts offering great advice.

For this experience, I feel like that is the key-

 walking the line between anxiety and excitement.

There are still to-do lists and some responsibilities, but having a professional who not only feels positive and can reassure doubts, but is also enthusiastic makes all the difference. From that point on, everyone has been on the same page. Throw in a couple more meetings, and the thoughts about whether or not we can pull this off disappear completely. Now, when I am sent a video of the venue under construction, I see the progress, remember why this is all happening, and I am thrilled.


The Woods in Glenwood Hollow will be available for reservation beginning September 15th for wedding dates after  October 15th.

800-903-4940   -or-

Did you miss Part One – Click Here to read

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Eureka Springs Events | Bank Robbery

Antique Auto Festival to reenact Eureka Springs Bank Robbery.

The Eureka Springs Bank Robbery occurred in September 1922.  It didnt work out so well for the robbers.  Read the original Daily Times Record from 9/19/1922 that reported on the event.

Did you know The Basin Park Hotel has images from the bank robbery in its lobby.

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