Eureka Springs Family Vacations


(Eureka Springs, Arkansas) – Families have discovered that the best way to get a break from the indoor confines of a classroom is to load the family up for the kids’ spring vacation and head to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Here are five reasons:

#1 – Mountain Biking> Eureka Springs has become the mecca for family mountain biking in their five state region.  The reason is simple: millions of dollars have been invested recently in building mountain bike trails for all ages and all ability levels.  Urban trails crisscross the downtown area.  The Great Passion Play has developed a network of trails on their mountaintop acreage.  For those who want to thrill to some of the most exciting downhill runs in the nation, the challenge of Leatherwood Gravity Trail Project sits majestically waiting to be shred.  Lake Leatherwood, one of the largest city parks in the nation, offers easy mountain bike access with the city’s mountain bike shuttle system.

#2 – City Parks> Along with the mountain biking trails, hiking trails can be discovered all over town.  Visitors are pleasantly surprised to find many Eureka Springs hotels have a “trailhead” just outside their front door.  These trails offer dynamic vistas and wonderful surprises like discovering “downtown” just around many a corner of an urban trail.  Other discoveries include trails leading to the locations of the city’s parks and historic 63 spring locations, the sites to where millions flocked in the late nineteenth century to take advantage of the waters’ healing properties, properties now long gone by.  A must hike is down to –and around- Black Bass Lake with its hand-built earthen and cut stone dam erected in 1894 to form the drinking water reservoir which quenched the thirst of this newly incorporated city.

#3 – Two Lakes / Three Rivers> Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake are both pristine Corps of Engineers’ clear water playgrounds and both border the city.  Great fishing and boating are the best on both of these “big water” venues.  Also surrounding Eureka Springs are three rivers: White, Kings and the Buffalo National River.  Families have found that kayaking or canoeing along these three ribbons of H2O bring pleasurable opportunities for memorable family excursions.


#4 – Foodie Mecca> This resort village has probably the widest array and largest variety of places to eat of any city of its size (Eureka’s population is 2,001) or larger.  Some of the greatest restaurants in Arkansas call Eureka Springs home.  In addition to these more formal establishments (but NOTHING is formal in Eureka Springs) are dozens of cafes, bistros and eateries that offer unique bills of fare and are locally owned and operated.  Families love SkyBar Gourmet Pizza. It is quite easy to provide a different breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options each day of their vacation.

#5- Resort Activities> Many hotels are now offering resort activities to give families more than just a place to sleep, many of which take family members into the out of doors.  Historic hotels like the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin Park have a daily schedule of activities designed for all members of the family, some totally unique.  Keeping in the tradition of hotels that popped up all along railroad lines going west in the nineteenth century, the Crescent, for example, offers such unique recreational adventures as hatchet throwing in their Frisco Sporting Club.  Both hotels also offer a chance to do a little ghost hunting since both are internationally recognized for their paranormal occurrences

Featured Attraction

Spring Break at Turpentine Creek

Feline Fun at Turpentine Creek

Planning your pre-summer vacation can be stressful, but including TCWR in your travel plans is a choice that won’t “Spring Break” your heart! As an ethical tourism destination, you can feel good knowing that your visit to the Refuge is making a difference in the lives of Exotic Pet Trade survivors…while being just plain fun! In addition to normal tours (our trolley is also up and running again!), we have plenty of other feline-fantastic ways to spend a day or two getting to know our animal residents while taking in quality time with the humans you love:  Read MORE

Featured Event

Coming to Eureka Springs…

…a new springtime festival in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.  Touted as an “Ozark Mountain Explosion of the Senses”, this Food, Wine and Adventure Festival is perfect for hikers, bikers and people who love the good stuff.  SHRED Eureka Springs, another OZ  production, kicks off its inaugural year on March 27, 2020.


A Family Reunion Space for Nature Lovers

The tree-lined path smells of earth and pine. It wanders down into a valley and hovers just above Rockhouse Creek. It bounds gracefully over multicolored stones and persistent green mosses as it flows to the river just ahead. Even in the winter, sounds of life abound. Chickadees tweet discretely in the brushiest part of the woods and a self-confident armadillo scours the woodland floor for his next tasty treat without any concern for us as we hike past him. Within a mile, we make our way to the bluff overlooking the Kings River and as we exit the canopy of pine and cedar, we spot him. He is hunting, although it  eagles on the shore of kings riverappears more like dancing, as he patrols the water and shoreline. It isn’t until he rests on a branch stretching out over the river that we can view his intimidating talons and the intensity in his eyes. Bald eagles are regularly spotted on this section of the river but standing nearly at his level on the bluff offers an unforgettable view. Just downstream his fishing partner, just as intense and beautiful, soars close to the water’s surface. By a measure of time and effort, the hike to the river from the Kings River Deckhouse is short but the journey is far from ordinary.

hiking near kings river

Hiking near the Kings River Deckhouse.

Upon entering the front door, it is apparent that this is a very special place. Wood-sided and thoughtfully designed, the house lives to complement the land that surrounds it. Large windows look out toward the river and the massive deck suspends you over the dense forest managed by the Nature Conservancy. Inside, the kitchen and living area are separated by several stories of stacked native rock, forming a massive fireplace at the center of the home. The stately main house is flanked by two separate bungalows (containing two full suites in each) and connected by a large pavilion and a monumental stone firepit making the property feel a bit like Camp David. It’s no surprise that this compound was once owned by the Liedtke family.

large deck overlooking kings river

Kings River Deckhouse at night.

For three days our extended family made the Kings River Deckhouse our home. During the day we hiked, watched movies, and spent time catching up. We cooked elaborate meals together and ate around a rustic live edge wooden table surrounded by windows that offered an unobstructed view of the natural beauty all around.

In the evening we played epic card games and stayed up watching the last coals of a once roaring fire, flicker out before heading to bed. On the final morning, we all woke shortly before 5am and met on the deck with a cup of coffee to watch the sun rise over the trees. Painfully aware that it was our last morning together before life returned to normal, we all reflected on the experiences we enjoyed here and vowed to do this every year. I am certain that the Kings River Deckhouse has been filled with the joy and laughter of many moments like ours and many more to come.

sun rise over the kings river

View of the sunrise over the Kings River.

Your stay at the Kings River Deckhouse supports the mission of the Nature Conservancy, to protect precious land and water resources and create a world where people and nature thrive.

See More 

The Kings River Deckhouse is located just 5 miles from Eureka Springs, Arkansas on Rockhouse Road. It is a perfect place to relax, hike, and watch wildlife without ever getting into your car. Of course mountain biking, floating, fishing, and hiking are just minutes from the property. With downtown Eureka Springs just a few minutes down the road, your family can enjoy Eureka Springs dining, shopping, spas, and more. The Ozark Mountain region has so many things to do, you will plan your next trip before leaving Eureka Springs!

Eureka Springs Arkansas may not be best known for vacation getaways during the chilly part of the year, but that is changing with this Ozark Mountain destination evolving into a year round travel spot.

Romantic cabin retreats, year-round dining, destination spas, music festivals, paranormal events, valentines day, scenic hiking, eagle watching and destination mountain biking have transformed this season into a sought after mountain escape.


Popular lodging in the winter season is readily available in Eureka Springs.

Downtown hotels such as the Basin Park Hotel offer lodging in the center of downtown district adjacent to the many year-round restaurants, coffee stops and entertaining nightlife. (Shopping is assured on weekend days)

Cabins resorts are perfect to escape and find renewal with a quiet escape overlooking Beaver Lake or the fresh smells of the Ozarks during this crisp period. Try Loblolly Pines Adventure Camp with its on-property trail, waterfall, community deck and outdoor hot tub.

Loblolly Pines

Of course, the venerable Crescent Hotel and Spa is open year round. Known as a preeminent destination spa resort, the winter season sees fewer day visits and the hotel finds a more peaceful path towards relaxations. For those investigating the paranormal, a weekday visit with a sparsely populated hotel paired with a late night ghost tour is a bucket check item.


For dining, the majority of Eureka Springs restaurants are also open now year round. (Weekends are sure, however check operating hours mid-week as a common pattern is to close two days and reduce hours Monday – Thursday.)

Breakfast at Mud Street will always start your day in a good way with a big pancake, tasty muffin top or healthy fruit, granola and yogurt

Lunch on the Balcony Restaurant is a winner year round. Indoor dining available. Try the monte cristo with the blackberry jam or enjoy one of the home made soups.

Dinner in the winter at Rogues Manor is an event. Sip on a scotch from a wide collection, take you time and enjoy one of the finest steaks you will find.

When you need coffee Downtown Eureka Springs has three great coffee shops. Eureka Springs Coffee is on Main St, Daily Roast is at Spring and Center and Brews can be found on upper Spring.


Ozark Mountain Music Festival

While enjoying some you time, there are also plenty of great activities that may be a bit different that how you previously visited this quaint mountain town.

Mountain bike trails have arrived at both the Great Passion Play site and Lake Leatherwood accenting what was already a great place to ride. In fact, Groups are opting to leave the bikes out and keep the skis in storage.
(This years ski trip can be a mountain bike adventure – same attitude better weather.)

Without the bike, great hiking is available. Picturesque trails often times play witness to bird migration and the overpowering awe of a bald eagle in flight while the Downtown N Underground tour tells the somewhat seedy tales of Eureka Springs’ early days.

For Daytripping, its a short drive to such major sites as Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Roaring River State Park, Pea Ridge National Battlefield, or an Arkansas Razorback mens basketball game.

Closer to your cabin, evening activities include a thrilling ghost tour of Americas Most Haunted Hotel or the common live music in the many clubs. Eureka Springs Paranormal Weekend and The Ozark Mountain Music Festival both occur in January.


No visit is complete without a trip around the ice at the Crescent Hotel. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4-8 pm current conditions. (some visits more special than others)

It may not be what you were thinking but Eureka Springs Arkansas is ready to host visitors year round.



Eureka Springs MUST DO attraction

On Main Street in Eureka Springs is Escape Room 13.  For those of you who are not familiar with an escape room, it is a space that hosts an elaborate puzzle.  This is not a haunted house, there is nothing scary BUT you can Be assured of a thrill.

Escape Room 13 features two rooms and two puzzles:

In 2017 we solved helped solve one of Eureka Springs’ Greatest Mysteries

(In record time no less)

Escape Room 13

We were given one hour to solve the mystery… which is based on the “Great Eureka Springs Bank Heist” of 1922. Four months of planning and preparing went into the storyline for this room and owner Charles Mowrey wants guests to experience the whole story…even if that means giving a hint or two.  Players searched for clues and then share wits to find pieces to the larger puzzle.

Eureka Springs’ quirky history and colorful town make the perfect backdrop for an escape room experience. Invite your friends and family to join you for a weekend in Eureka to explore the area and engage in a group activity that will leave everyone feeling like Sherlock.

Now in 2019, comes another exciting challenge.

We went in to Save the Still and escape with any evidence of “gambling”.

This time, we barely made it in time as Escape Room 13 proves quite the challenge.

Escape Room 13

Open from 10 – 10 it is recommended to book at least two hours in advance online.

Have questions or want to see other groups who have gone before you? Check out Escape Room 13 on Facebook.


Check out other Things To Do in Eureka Springs. Make it a weekend getaway and stay in The 1905 Basin Park Hotel located within walking distance of Escape Room 13.

Eureka Springs Downhill @ Lake Leatherwood

OzTrails System in Northwest Arkansas

Lake Leatherwood downhill trail

GREEN – Beginner

BLUE – Intermediate

BLACK – Expert


Eureka Springs Downhill (North Hub)

Now that we have talked about the South Hub  let’s cover the North Hub.

As I first entered the site, from the shuttle drop off area, across from Anglers grill (A great stop for a post ride tapped local brew….with a frosty glass!) I noticed I still had a little ways to go to get to my first trail head. I entered the left trail and headed another mile to the North Hub where I would find 4 of the 7 downhill trails. There were tons of signs to guide us all in the right direction.

Eureka Springs Mountain Biking Trails

As you enter into the area of the South Hub you will be greeted with a huge sign full of information on each trail. Behind the sign you will see the stone circle structure where each of the 4 trails heads begin. You can choose to take the ramp or the stairs!

Downhill 4 – Blue

“Fast with big rock drops, chunky rock gardens, and big gaps. Mandatory Jumps, drops and steep staircases.”

Lake Leatherwood downhill #4

Lake Leatherwood Downhill Trail #4

Downhill 5- Blue
“Big rolling jumps, big ledge drops, staircases and a lot of speed. Mandatory Jumps, Mandatory Drops, steep staircases and technical rock gardens.”

OzTrails Lake Leatherwood Downhill $5

OzTrails Lake Leatherwood Downhill Trail

Eureka Springs Mountain Biking Trail

Downhill 6- Green Beginner Line
“Start here for a warm up and scenic ride!”

OzTrail Downhill trail system #6

eureka springs trail marker

eureka springs trail

Downhill 7- Double Black Diamond
“Huge Rock Drops (from the sendoff-see picture below), Large jumps, technical rock gardens, Expert mandatory drops, gaps and rock gardens”

Eureka Springs Downhill Trail #7

Eureka Springs Trail Marker

OzTrail black Diamond trail eureka springs

Each trail is a mile long and has their unique features. Please ride in your means and have fun!

OzTrails video


Room Deals for Bikers — Crescent Hotel  Basin Park Hotel

The Eureka Springs Downhill @ Lake Leatherwood

OzTrails Video Eureka Springs

(South Hub)

Eureka Springs’ newest and most thrilling attraction consist of 7 downhill mountain biking trails.  With so many bikes flooding into town, we had to go check it out! The Eureka Springs Downhill is accessed via Highway 62 and rides down inside Lake Leatherwood City Park.  This is just 7 minutes from the heart of downtown.

eureka springs downhill

When arriving to the location, off of Hwy 62 west of Eureka Springs, for the first time I discovered there was some research to be done to better understand the downhill trails layout. 

I entered the course from the upper shuttle drop and was relieved to find a very clean port-a-potty on site. Huge thank you to Eureka Spring Parks Commission for their continued upkeep on the area and of course for the much needed and appreciated shuttle service!  After some light research I discovered that there are two hubs where the downhill trails start. Off to the right is the South Hub and to the left is the North Hub. 

Below is detail on the South Hub..  Click Here for more on the North Hub.

Leatherwood Hub Signs

(Special note: Parking is limited at the upper drop site; you may want to start at the shuttle pick up in Lake Leatherwood City Park)

Lake Leatherwood Mountain Bike shuttle

Shuttle Service/Hours:
Monday 9AM-5PM
Tuesday 9AM-5PM
Wednesday 9AM-5PM
Thursday 9AM-5PM
Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday 8AM-8PM
Sunday 8AM-8PM

One Day pass $20
Half Day pass (after 2PM) $10
Two day pass $33.50
*All prices include taxes and fees


The South Hub heads back toward the hwy you just turned off of and crosses over private property so staying on the trail is a must in this area. This is the site of the original downhill trail that Lake Leatherwood has offered for years.

The South Hub host Downhill trails 1-3 and all of these trails are black diamond status. What a neat structure this was to walk up on out in the middle of the woods. (photo ops everywhere!)

DH # 1- Black Diamond
“Mixed with large rock jumps, techy staircases, rock ledge drops, and massive rock built features. Mandatory jumps, drops and steep staircases.”

eureka springs downhill trail marker

A Signature Jump of the OzTrails System on Eureka Springs Downhill#1

OzTrails jump

Downhill #2 (The Original) – Black Diamond
“Array of black and blue features, all with ride around options. High speed 8ft cliff drop is the highlight.”

eureka springs trail marker

Mountain bike trail

Eureka Springs Mountain Bike Trail

Downhill # 3- Black Diamond
“Rolling big or catching air, with rock ledges, and wooden masterpieces. Mandatory jumps, drops, and technical rock.”

Eureka Springs Mountain bike Trail Sign

Eureka Springs Mountain Bike Trail Bridge

Each trail is about a mile long and full of unique features.

Please ride within your means and have fun!


Room Deals for Bikers — Crescent Hotel  Basin Park Hotel

For Kids and Kids at heart

Here are 20 things not to be missed

on YOUR Eureka Springs family vacation


  • Go Backstage then Look up at the Statue
  • Snap a Photo on the Rainbow stairs
  • Look down on downtown from the Viewfinder at The Crescent Hotel
  • Taste the Fudge at Two Dumb Danes
  • Ice Cream Happy Hour – weekends at Colossal Cupcakes

  • Make your Bracelet at Crescent Moon beads
  • Buy and Fly a Kite from Kaleidokites
  • Explore Grotto Spring
  • Climb the Razorback Fire Tower
  • Air hockey or 36 holes of Mini-Golf at Turtleback ridge

  • Swim Trigger Gap or Sun tan on the Beaver dam Bluffs
  • Cast a line while floating the White River
  • Fish the Fish at The Roaring River Fish Hatchery
  • Play at the Music Park
  • Ride the train – Ride the trolley
  • Yum – Funnel cake in Downtown after an Old Tyme Photo
  • Hike the old train route at Beavertown
  • Try Bird watching at Lake Leatherwood Bird Blind
  • Mountain Bike the Eureka Springs downhill trail
  • Hike to Black Bass Lake and find the old robber hideout
  • Throw hatchets at Frisco Sporting Club
  • Dont Miss Intrigue Theater
  • Take a youngster to the Front row of Great Passion Play
  • Find the Civil War Cave or Downtown Overlook

  • Community Center pickup Basketball $3 day pass
  • Mom and daughter facial at Spa1905
  • Knock’em Down at The Berryville Bowling Alley
  • Skate Park in Harmon Park
  • Paddle board at SUP or PaddleBoat at Leatherwood
  • Check out the Historic Eureka Springs  Cemetery
  • Find Humpty Dumpty
  • Make your own fragrance at Bathhouse Soapery
  • Walk a cool Trail above sweet spring
  • Mojo Records
  • One of the most unique Libraries ANYWHERE

Of Course, we could give you directions to all of these fun things to do BUT part of the fun is for you to find them yourself.  Good Luck and enjoy your visit.


Ever feel like your vacation just flew by and you’re not sure where the time went? Well live in the moment this year and spend your Summer vacation 2019 in Downtown Eureka Springs! Your memories live here in realtime!

family looking amazed

Can you solve the mystery? Escape Room 13 in Downtown Eureka Springs.

Embrace our unique attractions and exciting Downtown vibe while immersing yourself in pure fun! With colorful events, one of a kind shopping, unique bars, restaurants and so much more, you can assure you’ll never have a dull moment! 

The number one spot to people watch in Downtown Eureka Springs! Located right next to the historic 1905 Basin Park Hotel, this spot never disappoints when it comes to delivering the unique and diverse culture that is our town!

diverse group of people in a public park

See the diverse heart of Eureka Springs in Basin Spring Park!

Basin Spring Park becomes even more vibrant and alive with this colorful and carefree event! Bring a drum or anything else that makes noise and join the drum circle with Angelo and his troupe of drummers and dancers.

Shop for yourself, your family or even your fur babies. It’s all here: unique galleries such as Zark’s and Quick Silver, vintage toys and cool tee-shirts at Tee-Rex, amazing selection of candies and hip gifts at Sugar & Spite, gifts for your beloved pets at Blackie’s Backyard, stylish and unique clothing and accessories at Hat’s, Hides and Heirlooms and Eureka Clothing Company and the list goes on and on. You can spend all day just wandering shop to shop and finding hidden treasures! 

Enjoy a little spa time bonding with your best friends. Spa1905  is offering a July special to Buy One Spa Facial get a second Free for guests overnighting in the spa collection guest rooms.

friends laughing, smiling, day spa

Great friends and great times at Spa1905 in the Basin Park Hotel!

One thing is for sure there is no shortage of great places to kick back with a nice glass of wine, favorite cocktail or your choice of local craft beer and indulge in a delicious meal! Chill out at The Stone House, relax at Brews while listening to live music, enjoy a romantic evening of fine dining at Rogue’s Manor or people watch from the Balcony Bar & Restaurant while enjoying Americana at it’s best. With so many places to choose you can tailor make your perfect day! 

Escape Room 13

Escape your boredom this Summer at Escape Room 13! Become a traveling detective sent back in time to 1922 to prove someone’s innocence. This mystery is based on the real life Eureka Springs Bank Robbery! 

In Downtown Eureka Springs we don’t know the meaning of the word “schedule”! When you’re here it’s life in the moment while making lifetime memories! Carpe Diem! 


The Great Passion Play

It’s so much more than just a play, it’s a PLAYground!

Kids Love The Great Passion Play with its Awe inspiring – Inspirational things to see

Find “inspiration” by exploring and participating with the whole family in the many things to do on site from the most religious to the most invigorating at The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs!

image result of family mountain biking in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The exciting new mountain bike trails at The Great Passion Play. There’s a trail for every skill level!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor

Fun for the entire family!

These new inspirational trails are perfect for the entire family! The 15-mile trail loop is designed to be friendly to all user groups and skill levels which includes hikers and mountain bikers of all ages. So bring the whole brood and hit the trails at The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs!

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing

Meet the cast members of The Great Passion Play.

This one-hour tour takes an in-depth look at the staging area.  Everything that an actor sees you will see including the ward-robing rooms, set design, special effects, lighting and sound room, the barn area. Here’s what some folks have to say about the tour:

“I grew up in the area and attended the play many times over the years, but the backstage tour gave me a completely different perspective of the play.”

“The backstage tour was a cool bonus”

“We took the backstage tour and got to see the works of everything. Met the animals.We were there last year in November and couldn’t believe all the upgrades that had been made since then. Just love everything you have done”.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree and outdoor

Bring home fun lifetime memories of your family vacation in Eureka Springs!

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

Let your family get up close and personal with our family at Noah’s Ark Park at The Great Passion Play!

Do you get tired of telling the kids “Don’t touch”? Well in Noah’s Ark Park you don’t have to! Walk through the gates and get to see sheep, a pygmy goat, a dog, a llama, miniature horses, chickens, a giant rabbit, ducks, and more! Free admission with donations gratefully accepted to help feed and care for the animals. 
image of guy with sling and rock david the shepherd great passion play

Live interactive show David the Shepherd at the Great Passion Play.

Parables of the Potter.

Walking through a life-sized replica of the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem into an authentic Marketplace, you will feel as if you are in the actual Holy Land. Talk with Biblical craftspeople and characters. See and experience how fun and extremely interactive, this experience is for you, your family, group, or church!  

Free interactive exhibits include:

  1. Parables of the Potter

Each evening before The Great Passion Play performance, the Potter stands at his wheel molding clay into form. As he works the clay, The Potter teaches from inspirational passages of the scriptures, including Jeremiah 18.

2. David the Shepherd

David the Shepherd gives a free performance before the Play at 7:00pm in the Potter’s Theater.  He talks about how David overcame Goliath and he even gives a demonstration with an actual shepherd sling.  If you are lucky, he might even let you practice with marshmallows!

3. The Jewelry Maker

The Jewelry Maker, Abe Strohmeier, is present in the market place on days of the play. He will be showcasing his jewelry which is available for purchase. Be sure to stop by and visit with this incredible and unique artist.  

4. The Sculptor

Each evening before The Great Passion Play performance, the Sculptor, Bob Willis, forms a bust of Christ in clay. He shares truth from God’s Word as he fashions the clay into an image of Christ. Bob’s testimony is a reminder that the Lord does not throw the clay away, but we are to be fashioned into His image each day to honor Him.

And so much more! Bring the whole family and experience The Market Place this Summer!

The Holy Land Tour provides visitors of all ages with the unique opportunity to experience the people, culture, and history of the ancient Middle East.

Each of the individual exhibits in the Holy Land Tour have been researched for historical accuracy and have been recreated as authentically as possible.

The Holy Land Tour is not like anything you have ever experienced. Walking through a life-sized replica of the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem into an authentic Marketplace, you will feel as if you are in the actual Holy Land. Talk with Biblical craftspeople and characters and even witness Jesus walk on water. Tours are from 12:00pm to 4:00pm on days of Play performances and there are special guided tours every day but Sunday by advanced reservation. Do not miss experiencing Biblical life with your own eyes with cisterns, sheep pens, guard towers, and a full-scale replica of the Tabernacle.

Buy Tickets to a Play Performance in 2019 or get other tickets!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, night, shorts and outdoor christ of the ozarks

The Christ of the Ozarks is truly an Arkansas Ozarks must see icon!

No photo description available.

67 feet all and 65 feet armspan. You have to see to believe this inspirational statue!

One of the most iconic attractions in Northwest Arkansas is the statue of Christ at The Great Passion Play. Every inch of the remarkable sculpture was built by hand. No poured segments were used in the statue’s construction. At an altitude of 1500 feet, the statue is made of 24 layers of white mortar on a steel frame and weighs over two million pounds. The foundation, which is virtually welded into the rock of the mountain, required 340 tons of concrete interlaced with steel. During construction, the framework of the statue was completely surrounded by scaffolding. Workers had to build an elevator up the side of the framework in order to reach the statue’s higher segments. Taller than most humans, the hands from wrist to fingertip measure approximately 7 feet. The statue’s arm spread from fingertip to fingertip spans 65 feet and its overall height is 67 feet. 

Click Here for Lodging Hot Deals in Eureka Springs

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, sky and outdoor

The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

150 Biblically costumed actors come together to create the thrilling epic drama of Jesus Christ’s last days on earth.

The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is “America’s #1 Attended Outdoor Drama” according to the Institute of Outdoor Theater and Drama of East Carolina University at Greenville. 

Staged in an outdoor amphitheater, the multi-level set, special lighting and sound effects, live animals, and a cast of 150 Biblically costumed actors come together to create the thrilling epic drama of Jesus Christ’s last days on earth. This Christian attraction has been performed since 1968 in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  There are many places to stay in Eureka Springs and fun things to do! See the Easter story come to life from the first weekend in May through the last weekend in October. This experience is just the one for you, your family, group, or church!  

Image may contain: 3 people dining hall buffet

Bring the whole brood for a delicious buffet style dinner!

Hungry yet? You and the whole family will enjoy a hearty buffet style meal in The Great Passion Play’s Great Hall Buffet.  Pulled pork, ribs, chicken, a vegetarian dish, starches and vegetables, a full salad bar and dessert bar, as well as beverages make it not only a convenient place to eat, but also a delicious place to dine.  It’s all-you-can-eat, and it is open to the public! You can come and eat regardless if you have tickets to anything else on the grounds!  What a deal!

$14.45 for adults, $13.45 for youth (ages 12-16), and $7.50 for kids (ages 4-11).

Dinner is served from 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM each day the Play is performed.

image movie still religious

God with Us

As the Emperor of Rome persecutes the Christians, Peter and his followers are arrested and await execution. Armed only with his memories, Peter will fight his greatest battle to protect his flock as he keeps the words of God alive in them.

God with Us combines live musical drama with film on stage. This makes a unique experience of a timeless story.

“God with Us: New Testament” Movie showings
​on days the Play is performed at 11:30am

Purchase Tickets:

1.The Bible Museum

images historical bible museum

Browse through this massive selection of historical bibles.

Some of the rarest Bibles include an original 1st edition 1st printing 1611 King James Version, the only Bible signed by all of the original Gideons in 1898, the first Cherokee Bible, as well as a page from the Gutenberg Bible!

Trace the history of the Bible from the most ancient parchment to modern computerized versions as you explore our stunning collection of over 6,000 Bibles in 625 languages and dialects. The Bible Museum showcases the Word of God with a compilation of original bibles and manuscripts rarely found in one collection.

 Admission to the Bible Museum is included in the purchase of your Great Passion Play performance ticket or with the purchase of your Holy Land Tour pass.

2. The Scared Arts Museum

image result for sacred earth gallery at the great passion play in eureka springs, arkansas

Explore the many great works of art at The Scared Earth Gallery.

image result for Sacred Earth gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Take a look at Biblical history and Americana captured in beautiful artwork.

With pieces dating back to the ninth century, the Sacred Arts Center features a diverse mix of artistic mediums portraying Christ and the Christian life.  In fact, there are over 1,000 works of art in 64 different forms, making it one of the most extensive collections of Christ-centered art.

3. The History Museum

image historical biblical artifacts

Take a look at Biblical history!

This new  Cultural and Biblical History Museum provides a brief snapshot of the history of creation and mankind and how the Bible fits into that as well as providing evidences for God’s existence as well as why Christian theism and the Bible provide the most logical and plausible worldview of existence. *Many free items are available to help “the believer think and the thinker to believe.”

Open Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year and on days of the Passion Play performances.

An original ten-foot by ten-foot section of the Berlin Wall was erected next to the Church in the Grove. These words from the 23rd Psalm are painted in German on the wall, “Though I walk through the dark valley, I will not fear.” When the wall came down, The Great Passion Play acquired this piece as a tribute to the spirit of all people who risk their lives to believe and practice their Christian faith. 

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Take a step back in time to the days of that old time religion at the Church in the Grove.


The Church in the Grove was built around the turn of the century by Jonathan Stites. It was located on Highway 62 East, about 2.5 miles from this location. In the beginning it was used not only as a church but also as a meeting place and school. After 1915, it was dedicated as a full-time church. For many years a circuit rider preacher ministered to this little congregation. The Congregation would meet at noon for a potluck dinner and follow with a worship service.

The Passion Play moved the Church in the Grove to the grounds of the Great Passion Play in January of 1986. Employees worked on the building for three months to refurbish it. It had been used as the Bible Museum prior to this move, but had stood vacant after the Bible Museum was opened in the lower level of the Smith Memorial Chapel.

Behind the Church in the Grove is a playground and picnic area with a swing set, teeter-totters and other playground equipment to help youngsters and their parents unwind. Picnic tables are there for your use and enjoyment. Perfect for the whole family! 

So if you’re looking for a good old wholesome, fun, family friendly interactive vacation this Summer then look no further than The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Come experience our one of a kind “Play”ground and capture lifetime memories of fun, not standing in line this year! 

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Make a splash this Summer at The 1886 Crescent Hotel & New Moon Spa!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy (and incredibly fun)! The Crescent Hotel  proudly announces the Frisco Sporting Club featuring exciting supervised hatchet throwing, disc golf, cornhole toss, giant chess-n-checkers, mammoth Jenga, hammock hangs, and a fire pit on cool evenings; New Moon Spa Fitness Room featuring Woodway Treadmills and Peloton Bikes, the most immersive indoor cycling experience; scenic low impact trails for historical hiking and thrilling mountain biking; mountaintop yoga and yin yoga flow; “yappy hour” for the family dog; “slumber party” with movies; managers reception; a haunted room tour; and a peek at the ghostly archeological dig site during a special VIP ghost tour!

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Fun for the whole family this season in Eureka Springs!

These activities are an amazing addition to an already impressive list of fun and family friendly activities including: a large sparkling mountaintop  swimming pool, watercolor painting class, nightly haunted ghost tours, hotel history tours for those a little less spooky, nature trails and Grotto Springs “Cave” exploring, theatrical entertainment like Not Really a Door and Flickering Tales by firelight and for some adult time relax in the Sky Bar with a glass of wine or delicious craft beer and enjoy the best view in Eureka Springs!

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Take a look at the ghostly archaeological dig if you dare!

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Explore the many bike trails at The Crescent.

Whether it’s hitting the trails, throwing hatchets or relaxing with craft beer and an amazing view. We have something to keep everyone entertained. Come make lifetime memories at The 1886 Crescent Hotel & New Moon Spa this Summer. Only in one of a kind Eureka Springs!

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