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The Great Passion Play

OPENS MAY 6TH! More than 125 actors and dozens of live animals come together on a three story, 550 foot wide stage to put on “America’s #1 attended outdoor drama”. It’s a favorite attraction for families, youth groups, church groups … Read More

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Flickering Tales

Hear ghost stories of the Ozarks told around a campfire! Gather round the fire-pit under the shadow of America’s Most Haunted Hotel and hear chilling stories of ghosts, apparitions, unknown creatures, strange lights and bizarre encounters in the haunted Ozark … Read More

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Lookout Cottage Estates

Driving through the iron gates surrounding the Lookout Cottage Estate, a stately two story, Colonial style Manor House was built in 1902 and bears the architectural hallmarks and design elements of the period. The Manor House and surrounding cottages sit perched … Read More

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Feed the Big Cats

One of the most thrilling and popular Eureka Springs attractions is feeding time at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.     Stand face to face with lions, tigers, bears and cougars. Turpentine Creeks is refuge for big cats and features scheduled … Read More

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Crescent Theatre

Having earned a reputation as America’s Most Haunted Hotel, the Crescent Hotel has a rich and colorful history. The hotel’s grand lobby makes an impression making it no surprise that the Crescent Hotel is a member of the prestigious Historic … Read More

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Not Really A Door

Reclusive Abby sits alone in her house, while a storm gathers outside. A strange woman enters the house, claiming it as her own.  Abby begins to suspect that she may be a ghost. This one hour, jam-packed, keep ‘em guessing, supernatural comedy-thriller features  twists and … Read More

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